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This ARCHIVES page is from my Hawaii Phase 1 of retirement and I want to keep all the paddling etc photos available to all who might have an interest  mostly stuff from 2006/2007.

Big Island Paddling Photo Albums Below
Konaweb Parties etc below
Misc stuff below
Kai E Hitu CC– REGATTA Part 1 King Kamehameha REGATTA Kailua-Kona Kukio Challenge June 25 06
Kai E Hitu CC– REGATTA Part 2 Kawaiihae CC Regatta 5/06 Keauhou Rec Paddlin'
7th Kai Opua/Kona Brew Pub Businessman Regatta

Wa'a Hei Hei Long Distance June 3rd 06

June 06 Konaweb Picnic
May 06 Konaweb Picnic Pix
The 2006 Keauhou/Kona Dinosaur Volleyball Tournament
Harbor Pointe Ocean Challenge Mahaiula 06  
Some Keokea Pix from Delbert Freitas  
Steinlager/Tui Tonga Hawaii Island Championship  
Delbert's Pix from Steinlager/Tui Tonga Race  

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