Ok ... a number of friends have suggested I add a blog to my little website so here it is:

It will start at a random date and continue with random thoughts etc.............................

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Jan 7, 2018 .. I did not post anything since Oct 17 .. well, that is nothing new is happening .. but I am happy to be alive and smiling .. I have had a few visitors from old volleyball friends and from old friends that are still working in Boeing .. Peace Out

Oct 17, 2017 .. wow, there has been 1 1/2 months since my last post .. but, there has been no news from me .. and there is no news on my calender soooo, I am still alive and I am happy to be OK. I will post somthing as soon I have more to post Peace Out ...............................

Aug 31st, 2017 .. OK, my AC died Monday .... it was sooo hot that day ... I had to sleep at a hotel that night ... then the lent me a machine to get the temp down to 85 for a few days, and today the owner gave me a new AC machine, and a new funace and a new hot water heater ... I am so happy .... now alll will be working great for at least 10 years ... wow owo owow Peace Out

Aug 26th, 2017 .. wow, it is Aug 26th already ... not much is going on .. two days ago I had lunch with some old Lithuanian friends .... they came to Vegas and we had food .. it was great to see them ... next week I will have an old volleyball friend stay with me for a couple days .. that will also be fun ... it is still HOT .. 100 or so today .... Peace Out

July 28th, 2017 .. i had a loy of fun with Bill and Cindy and more fun with Lisa and Chenoa .. Lisa wasa my speech therapist, and she and Daughter stayed with me for 2 days, ad then I dropped them off at the strip for a day, and then they are going to Chicago and more places .... I will see my doctor to see my knees, and I am worried that I will need surgery ???? It is still hot, 110 deg, but the AC is still working Peace Out

July 21st, 2017 .. darn it, I didn't put anything on the blog for 2 months .. I guess that there is not much happening ... but this week, I had a freind for Boing was here for a day or 2, then freinds from Bif Island were here for 4 days, and then my old speech therapist is here for 2 days, and next week a friend from Australia will be here for a day .... busy busy eh?? the last month has been hot, 110deg or so, but the AC is working well .. and I think that the blog will be closed in Aug next year ... and it is intereting to see how the water scarce is doing in Kailua .. the polics are sooo dumb .. OK I am off for a week or so Peace Out

May 1st, 2017 .. May first already ... damn ... I went done to the Suncoast to get my $10, ajd I have stopped playing the dollar video poker .. so I started on half dollar machine, and my first hand I had 2 aces and got 2 more, for $800, then I lost about $30 dollars, and went to new machine, i Kept I ace and pulled a royal flush ... and I got another $2000, and I went home ... that was a good thing Peace Out

April 20th, 2017 .. man, the weather is getting nice, sunny and temp in the 80s ... not much to do .. but I love being alive .. being bored is no a bad thing .. I read a book and do other stuff ... so life is great .... I will post somthing .... but for now ... Peace Out

April 2, 2017 .. wow, 2 months since I posted anything ... but not much is happening here in Vegas .. the weather is getting great now ... temps are in the 70s or 80s aand I love it ... I am getting a maid to come in monthly to clean alll the dust that is everywhere .. I am alive and that is all the means life is good ... since I have nothing to do, I will try to post something every week .. so I am done Peace Out

Jan 21, 2017 .. Nothing to post, but I will post something .. well I am glad that Trump is the president .. and we will see how this workes out Peace Out

Jan 7, 2017 .. OK, ..OK I have not posted anything on my blog for a long time ... but that is why I have noting to talk about ... so sorry today it is Saturday the 7th .. and noting is happenning ... today I will watch football, and I willl go to the Suncoast casino to see if I got any free slot dollars .. then back home .... that is all /.... Peace Out

Nov 27, 2016 .. OK I am doing nothing for a while ... not to much doing on ... I will take care of my creamatetion, and taking care for things in can I die .... will have a lawer to take of things, and I will get the Netune Foundation take care of geeting my ashes to Hawaii .. so I will be OK .. but I hope that I don't need anything for another 20 years ... ha ha ha ... the only other thing is that I am 0 for 10 parleys, and I will try 2 next week, and I go 0 f0r 11 I will be done with parleys ..... Peace Out

Nov 3rd, 2016 .. I already ordered Cox for mu internet ... and finally a tech showed up and looked at my mess ... and he figured out what was wrong .. and he left with my modem .. and he can back 5 minutes later, and all is good ... AHHHH it works ... finally after 2 1/2 weeks of no internet .... Peace Out

Nov 3rd, 2016 .. the idiots at Dish Net will no give me my money back until the test the internet .. they have see that things are not working ... they are idiots .... now I have to get Century to come here .. what a stupid thing Peace Out

Nov 2, 2016 .. wow, a month has gone by alredy .. after 2 weeks, I finally got my replacement Modem for my home ... the Dist Net modem is slower then the Cox modem, but at lesat it is working. I am not happy with the slow speed, but it works ... after no internet for 2 weeks was killing me ... you try to save a few dollars but shit ... I should have left it alone .. no new stuff to put in the blog ... so Peace Out

Sept 25th, 2016 .. this is Sunday the 25th, and nothing to post .. in a 2 weeks it went from 105 to 80 and at night it is in the low 60s other then that it is quiet for me ... it is getting hard for me to stand up and to walk too far ... but that is because that I am gettin OLD .. ha ha ha There is nothing on my calendar ..... so for now Peace Out

Aug 22, 2016 .. OK I did it again, I did not post anything in my blog, so sorry ...... but, I really did not do anything special, so there is nothing to post .... it has been hot, and I think that heat may leave us in a few more weeks, at least I hope that .... I will try to clean up the grout in one room at a time ... but this is hard, but I will try .... OK Peace Out

July 23, 2016 .. well yesterday, my IPad stopped working .. so I took it to Apple and I had to wait for a genius .. an hour later my guy looked an my iPad ... we worked on it and we had lots of problems, but after 2 hours we got it working a bit, but it was over 4 years old, so I paid for a new Ipad, and I love it .. good thing I won some money the day before ....Peace Out

July 22, 2016 .. damn, I woke up with a back problem ... It hurt a lot, had just shaving was a pain ... I get this about 3 times a year ... I hate it .. I will streach about 4 times a day and take pills and I hope I will be OK in 2 days ..... we will see .. I still had to go to the Rampart to get my $25, and I lost then abd another $60 .. then I had to go to the Suncoast to see if I won $15 or points ... a got $15 today .. I lost that and another $50 ... then went over to the triple machine and I played the $.50 machine .... I got 4 aces with a 3 for $1,000 .. so I am up $800 so I am back home and working on my back ....no more casino for 3 days .. Peace Out

July 20th, 2016 .. wow, how did a month go by??? Monday I had tge 2 crowns put in, and now I hope there are no more issues with my teeth .... I have 2 great people in Vegas from the Big Islandand from the Keauhou Canoe Club ... they wil be here for about a week .. Oh, and the tests that were done.... no issue ... right now it is soooo hot ... today the high will be about 110 F, but I remember going to Laughlin when it was 124 F and that was tooooo hot I hated that...I think i will get a call in about an hour about going to a casino with my Big Island friends, so I have to go .... see all later ..Peace Out

June 30th, 2016 .. Today, I had 2 temperal crowns for my teeth ... at a cost of $2,266 ... but if you have them done, do it .... it is hot and too hot to go outside ... i have nothing to talk about, so I am done .. Peace Out

June 20, 2016 .. Abdominal Aortic screen and a carotid Bilateral ultrasound was done today....I had the same tests done right after my stroke, and that time all was OK .... The tech would not give me any info, but I am not worried. We will know in a few days ... Right now at 5 PM it is 115 degrees .... Hot Hot .... I will re-test my hearing, but I know that I have a problem with the right side after my stroke ... I can hear there, but the brain does not understand what I hear ... DOH.... peace out

June 16th, 2016 .. I have been busy with finding a dentist, the first one was a crook, he wanted me to get 6 crowns ... almost $10,000... that is stupid so Monday I will meet anew dentist and I will see what comes from that ... then on Tuesday I will see a doc to have 2 ultrasound about my neck and the rest top ....and I am getting with the Apples so I can learn more about my Ipad and Iphone ... today and tomorrow the temps have been about 95 degrees, but by Saturday we will be looking at 110 degrees, so I will be home watching TV peace out

June 6th, 2016 .. Wow, the last 3 days the temperature was 108 degrees ... it was hot !!! but the AC was working very well ... maybe it worked toooo well, as I have a cold from going out in the heat and coming back n the AC ... I hate being sick .... it will take a few days to recover ... I hope I will be OK soon ... and I told my friend that I would put a few words in my blog ... I took 2 apple workshops to get better at stuff, and I am always getting better with my computer skillls ... I still will need to get 2 tests on my arteries in my neck on the 22 days ... OK that it is ...... peace out

May 26th, 2016 .. OK today I hace the first of 3 tests that my doc wanted ... my ciculation from the toes to my groin was checked in 6 places on both legs, and the lady that did the tests said that all was OK ... no worries ... she thaout I was great ... so the first test is finished and I am great ... peace out

May 24th, 2016.. today is my birthday ... 68 years old .. and like my friend Mark on the Big Island, I went down to Denny's for get my free breakfast ... ha ha ha, and it was not great ha ha ha ... now, I and starting a bunch of tests one on the 26th and 2 more on June 20th, and I don't what the doctor is looking for, but I will find out later peace out

May 22nd, 2016 .. boy, I have beeen a bad guy, I have not tweeted on my website since Nov 16th.. and a good friend of my was angry that I never put stuff on me website. I am OK and I have not done anything special since I got back from Alaska in last May ... I go to the local casino a few times every week .. and now I get free food a few times a week at the Rampart casino and the Suncoast casino .. and I see home most of the time watching TV .. I do miss a few freinds from the Big Island, but I still don't want to go back so see the vog ... and now, after 11 years on the Big Island ...I know how boreing it was there ... just a few villages and no cities .. It was great for a while .. but .......... not much to do there ... ... OK I will try to put some words on the blog every week ... peace out

Jan 9th, 2016 .. Wow, I didn't do anything on the website for months .. but not too muchis going on .. I look ay yhe Konaweb pictures every day, and the vog seems to be awful so days ... here in Vegas, the sky is blue .. so blue that it is the way it was in Hawaii 11 years ago ... I miss my a friends at the palling Halau ... but I still am happy to ge away from Hawaii ... it is a lot cooler now in the winter, but not too awful. I have stopped gambling as now I have to give taxes as I have won $10,000 on two royals ... I have not done taxes foor 4 years ... I will see how that will work ... I see that Bill and Cindy will be here for a few days to see relatives .. it will be good to see them ... for now ... peace out

Nov 16th, 2015 .. today the low in the morning was int he 40s ... thye high was in the 60s .. but just like having AC in the summer, now the heating works wonderfully, and yes, I am a bit bored, but at least there is no VOG, and I can get in my car and go somewhere new .. and the food, man there are sooo many places to go for food, but starting last week, I have to lose about 33 lbs ... but with my neurapathy is getting worse, and it is hard to drive ... but with my new Dish, I can tape so much more stuff on the big DVR ... I wish some people can in so see me, but we will see how that will go ... so now ... Peace Out

Oct 20th, 2015 .. wow, another month has gone down .. well I can see that in 3 days the weather went from 100 to 110 to the high in the mid 70s .. it is so amazing .. it was like this in Austin ... there is was over a hunderd ever day for 3 months, and like here ...ina few days you have the heat go on. I am in some pain, as my feet are so numb, and now I have some gout on my right foot where I had that surgery that had me in my condo for 5 1/2 months ... oh well, other then that life is still good .. I am alive and I still have more money then I need ... I think I will give some money to the casino near my home ... ha ha ha Peace Out

Sept 19th, 2015 .. the last 2 months ir was too hot to do anything, and in a few days it seems like Fall. In the morning it has been below 80, now it has been about 68F, and the highs have been about 90F ... now I will be able to do stuff outside ... I think next year I will leave Las Vegas for 2 1/2 months to go to Montana maybe??? I still have time to thing about that.I will look at the ballon trip in the morning, that is still on my bucket list .. I have had a few friends to see me in Vegas, so that is eary to see my, i never had visitors in Hawaii .. so it is good that I am in Nevada. I miss my Hawaii friend, but Oh Well ... Peace Out

Aug 10th, 2015 .. I have been a bit lazy this last few weeks, it is a bit too hot to be out and being out. I hope that in about 4 weeks it will cool off a bit and then I will go to the pool and get some color. I have been watching some old things on TV like the paladin series etc .. they are still fun to see. I wandered down to the Rio to get $10 fron a coupon .. lost alll n a few minutes, so I gave them a $20 bill to waste about 15 minutes ... and I won about $800 .. nice ..... then I went home ... I like that ... free money Peace Out

July 26th, 2015 .. wow, it has been a month since I wrote anything .. I was back in home after a Alaska Cruise and a 3 day visit of Vancouver. Paul and Kristina took me all around Vancouver, and it was wonderful. there are pictures in my website for Alaska and Vancouver .. look at them. The cruise was good ... and the one day of watching glaciers calving was awesome .. the noise of the glacier moving was super. I was unable to walk too far, I was on the ship the all the time, but I say all I wanted, ever a few bald eagles. Now I have to pay for the cruise and flights etc, but I don"t care. I will have 2 visiters this month, and after that I will look "what is next" ???? Just one more thing ... in Las Vegas, I had a wheelchair take me to luggage ... after all was here, no luggage was found ... they didn't get my bags in time ... so I wasted about an hour, and then I asked them to deliver the bags to my home ... I got it at 8 PM. Peace Out

June 24th, 2015 .. wow, it is realy hot here now, but the humidity is only 5 %, really dry ... but at 4 PM it is 103F. ... I am happy that the AC works and I can watch TV and just hang out. I won about $250 dollars today .... I just spent another $600 for sodas, juices, beer and vodka ... Viking had no new costs, but Celebrity finds new costs where ever you go ... but I knew that ... I will be leaving for Vancouver on July 11th .. then off to my cruice the next day .. back on the 19th, stay in Vancouver for 2 daysand i leave at 6AM on the 22th back home.. Peace out

June 15th, 2015 .. OK, I finally have drivers licences, registration, new insuance for my new doctors and I am finding new friends .. and this week, we are haveing a hot week .. it willl be over 100F every day this week ... wow, I love my AC ha haha .. and I love not having vog .... just a blue sky every day .. and this place is really beautiful, more then just desert ... I ove it. OK I will call the cruise peole to see how much money will it be to have a sodas, water and booze for the cruise ... I an sure it will be expensive, but who cares as I am alive ..Peace Out

May 27th, 2015 .. OK I just booked a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska .. 7 days of days on the sea ... I have not done this since I was 6 months months old when my parents weremoving to the USA in 1949. I hope this trip will be OK since I cannot walk very far ... and I am looking at the cost of drinks et al ... I will use all my money on drinks ... oh well .. this will be fun I hope .. and after the cruise I will stay in Vancouver for a few days just to see it... OK I will get a hair cut tomorrow .. and get my registration next week with the hancicapped plates .. and get my new eye glasses for sun, reading and computer .. there goes $550 dollars OK that is all for now Peace out

May 24th, 2015 .. wow, how did I ever make it to 67, 67 ... when did I get this old .. but I am glad to be alive ... I remember that I could have died when I had my stroke .. so ever day alive is a great day. Thanx to all my friends who have giving me "happy birthday" hellos. I will start using the golf cart to see the pools and olther things to go here in Del Webb's community ... love you all Peace Out

May 10, 2015 .. OK, the last month has been soooo tough with so much to do ... and then fly to San Diego and drive back to Las Vegas with my car ... whew ..my feet have been killing me and the neuropathy is getting to be a real problem .. just walking to 20 yards is hard .. but hey, I am still alive .. I like my new home in the Del Webb area of Summerlin .. and maybe in a few months I will be able to find my way around ... but for now, GPS gets me where I need to get be. all the home seem simliar ....and in a few more days, I will get the 4 boxes that I still need. the owner of my home is a great guy ... he even gave me pots and pan and towels .. so the start is going great and I love my new recliner ahhhhh I also have great leather couches and even TVs and more .. so as I get the stuff done, my new live is starting ... peace out

April 6th, 2015 .. OK I haver not yet signed the lease, but I will as soon as I get it ... now I have a home in Las Vegas, or Sun City, or Summerlin ... but the post office says it is Las Vegas .. oh well so now I will need to change all my addresses and all that stuff .. I normally hate moving, but I need to get out of Hawaii ... it is time ... a new thing to do .. Peace out

March 7th, 2015 .. OK I have not posted anything for a while, so here is a bit of news .... I have made plans to take my car to Hilo and have it shipped to San Diego ... later that day, April 22th, I will fly Hilo to LAX and pick up a rental for 10 days .. then I will drive to San Diego to pick up my car and drive to Summerlin NV, which is the west side of Las Vegas... I hope that Nadine will help me find a home to rent .. then off to buy a bed, a recliner and then I start my new life ... and this time a will not say that I won't come back to Hawaii, but who knows ??????????? This is the 4th time that I left Hawaii and I said I would not return .... 4th time in 10 years .... so that is my plan ... Summerlin for a while ... Peace Out

Jan 23rd, 2015 .. I have no good news .. nothing big has happened .. now I have to make a decision .. do I move to Las Vegas .. I can see some medical people that may or may not help me ... both my legs are going wrong ... it is hard to walk ... so that is what I have to look at ?????

Jan 11th, 2015 .. Damn, I am so pissed … my life is just going down … now on top of all this crap, now I have a hurting bunion. I don’t what to do and I want to move away from Hawaii.
I now am very unhappy as it is now hard to walk 20 yards. My feet hurt so badly and at times I even cry.
About seven or six years ago my neuropathy was just for the toes. Then, the numbness was just the toes then to the foot and now I'll to the ankles. Everything below that is absolutely dead because there's no feeling at all I.
I saw the Dr. Kaiser about my neuropathy and then she told me to go see a physical therapist. I saw her and they told me that my numbness would not get any better and it's really amazing that I don't fall down a lot, she thinks that is because a was an athlete.
Life. What can I do???????????????

Dec 31st, 2014 .. Well, here I am during the last day of 2014 .. wow, I didn't think I was still alive at this age .. but here I am, and I hope next year will be the best ever .. all my frends will have a great year too. I love all my friends and have fun Peace Out

Dec 23rd, 2014 .. I guess that this is the time of the year that we look and was happend, and I am very glad that I am alive and not blind or paralysed ... that stroke a few years ago changed my life. This last year I traveled to Europe and Lithuania and Rome and many great places that I never thought I would see. Sure, I am issues like my neuropathy of both feet, but I am ALIVE ... I think I will plans to go to Alaska this spring just to see glaciers calving. I am soooo glad that I hope I have another great year to be happy about. I love soo many of my friends and I hope that they know that ... love and everyone have a great 2015 year .. Peace Out

Dec 16th, 2014 .. OK to the 2 people that ever look here, I will post something .. hmmmmm .... my visitors are all gone, my friends from the Canoe Club just went to Las Vegas for 10 days .. I think they had some time on a vacation club, and they had to go or lose it ... tough life ... ha ha ha .. on my diet again and I hope this goes well .. yesterday it was very very voggy, but today is good ... so after I find a place to wash my car, I will be at the pool ... ever though the pool is too cold for me now .. peace out

Dec 12th, 2014 .. I still have vistors here, and I will drive up to Waikaloa to have lunch at Lava Lava there .. I think that John and Kathy will be leaving Saturday. Then I will start on my diet to lose 25 lbs ... this will be hard, but I have done that before ... I just hope that I don't have a stroke like I did 2 years ago .... I am looking at my new neighbors ... I think that they have about 7 or 8 young people there now .... this might be a problem ... Peace Out

Dec 9th, 2014 .. yikes, I have not posted anything in over a month and a half ... so sorry ..but, to be correct, the has no news for me for a while .. I did have people on the island from Boeing and their cute 4 year old daughter ... we had fun, and Kelly and Toni were fun, and even my old friend Brian Smith and wife were fun so see after a decade ,, this week, I have friends here for an annual visit, and I am on a diet when the leave .... I will be getting some therapy for my neuopathy for my feet ... the both are totally numb, and that makes it hard to drive .. I know they will not be able to help me as my nerves are gone ... but maybe they will help in an other way ... the vog is off, so the sun is so nice to see ... so I am off to the pool, but it is too cold to swim .... peace out

Oct 29th, 2014 .. man, the month of Oct is about over .. then Nov and finally Dec, and then we start the year 2015 ... how did I get so old ... and I'm still alive ....amazing !!!!!! I already put 1,000 miles on my new car ... soon it will broken in .... and it is nice to be in a larger car .. It is easier to drive as I have sooo much more room ... little by little the old snow people are showing up and be the beggining of Dec our pool will be full of people who hate snow ... and it will be nice to have people to talk story with ... there is not too much for me to say sooooo Peace Out

Oct 6th, 2014 .. wow. the time is going along so fast ... Oct 6th already .. Ironman is this SATURDAY .. wow, and many of my friends are gone to the mainland to se kids and friends ... Diane will be back soooooon. I am liking my new car, and I am starting to look to May and see if I need to move to Las Vegas ... as I nolnger am able to paddle ... I will take some time to look at my options Peace Out

Sept 28th, 2014 .. Wow, I forgot that when I was in Philadelphia a good friend took my out for a great lunch of a real philly steak and cheese sandwich, and it was with real cheese, not some fake cheese ... it was sooo good, I would love to have one everyday for ever ... mmmmm good .. thanx John for the lunch and the sandwich ... the bomb !!!!!

Sept 17th, 2014 .. OK today I purchased a new Highlander Toyota car .. it was time for a new car, one that was a bit bigger then the Vue ... so there it is ... I put a few pictures on .. peace Out

Sept 12th, 2014 .. nothing new to report, it is very hot right now .. and our pool is closed for another week ... and I am looking for a new car ... I think I will get a Toyota Highlander .. it is big but I will be much more comfortable .. so we will see what happens... Peace Out

Sept 4th, 2014 .. OK I have not been down to South Point in years, so today I drove down and took a few pictures .. so now I have been at South Point in 2014 .. ha ha ha Peace Out

Aug 31st, 2014 .. wow, I am back in Hawaii, back in Kona .. and I have already seen a bunch of my friends .. Uncle Steve, Diane, Wanda and many more ... now I will just hang for a while as I plan the rest of my life the last two months were so a blur as I was doing stuff every day ... now I just chill Peace Out

Aug 22nd, 2014 .. OK, today, find the apple store and see why my computer shuts off if I hit the 2 or 3 key on my keyboard .. hope the genius guy at apple will figure it out .. then a hair cut, I am looking like a hippy .. then I want to ship a few things home so I can stop lugging this stuff from hotel to hotel to airport .. I am too old to carry this shit all over the world ..then buy some shorts at costco ..and get some money from the credit union .. then maybe a trip to Grand Canyon .. I have to find out how to keep me busy until Oct 16th .. and then I could sleep in my own bed .. Peace Out

Aug 20th, 2014 .. OK make it back to Ridley Park ... and off to La Vegas in the morning ... I am leaving my friends John and Kathy ... but will see them in Dec ..vegas next .. but I think I will go to Grand canyon .. I will have fun for a while ... Peace Out

Aug 19th, 2014 .. Oh boy, a lot of drivung to go see Gettybuurg and the US Army Heritage place ... then driving over to see my good friend Kathy .. and she gve me some crab cake to eat ... mmmm mmmm it was the best I have ever had. aw wow ... now I will sleep here in Federick, then drive over to Ridley Park, and then the day after that to fly to Las Vegas via Chicago .... Peace out

Aug 18th, 2014 .. wow, what a time from July 10th until now .. here are the flights only .. Ok, my flights starting July 10th, 2014, to Aug 17th…

Kona to Los Angeles
Los Angeles to Las Vegas
Las Vegas to Los Angeles
Los Angeles to Denver
Denver to London
London to Amsterdam
(river cruise to Budapest)
Budapest to Riga
Riga to Vilnius
(drove to Kaunas and back)
Vilnius to Riga
Riga to Rome
Rome to Milan
Milan to JFK in New York

And during the plans etc, I lost flights from London to Dulles, the flight to JFK, the flight to Los Angeles … all money lost … ouch !!! that is what happens when you make plans that change …PeaceOut

Aug 14th, 2014 .. at 9 AM, I hired a limo and a guide who would get me close to places as I cannot walk to far. This was great, he got me close to ever place I wanted. It was great, and I am glad to spend the money for this super tour. His english was not to good, but he knows Rome and knows how to get to places other whould never know. I saw what I wanted, now I need to get help with a train to Siena for a few days and then ... maybe San gimignano, or Florence .. I have 5 weeks before I need to get to Paris ... a few days there ... and a train through the chunnel to London .. a few days there and a flight to Washington DC .. I will love being back to the USA PEACE OUT

Aug 13, 2014 .. OK, I wasted some time by being in Kaunas a few days too long ... I even wasted 2 days of a rental auto, and 1 day of a hotel to get out of Lithuania ... so I wasted all day driviing to Vilnius yesterday .. and today I got to that airport for a flight to Riga, and now I have to wait until 15:00 to get another flight to Rome ... a day spent travelling. I will sleep this night, and I hope I will be to get a taxi for a few hours of seeing stuff .. and I hope to take a bunch of pictures. Back in the work of having fun. I am glad I got to see Lithuania, but it was sad, Russia took away all fun for me. Now a long trip to Rome .... no more using Lithuania to speak with the locals. Peace Out

Aug 10th, 2014 .. OK here is Sunday, and I am done with statues and monuments etc ... for now I am just driving into neighborhoods to look around .. there are so many broken down homes that it is scary ... there are lots of people here with no money .. and many would love to move to the USA, but most cannot!!! Our USA will not give any papers to these people ... seems wrong when so many are Mexican here are illegal ... damn!!I meet so many that make just enough money to get by. I guess I should be glad that I am OK, but I feel ashamed that I grew up in USA, not USSR. I wish I could leave here today, but my flight is Wednesday the 13th, be in Rome in the PM, and after a few days, I hope to take a train North .. will look that later ... Peace Out

Aug 9th, 2014 . .Giedre, Here is my story.I start with me driving from Kaunas to Marijampole, and there I was stuck for hours trying to find Katiliskai. I drove back to Kaunas and did more study. After you get to Marijampole, you get to the place where Gedimino G turns into Vilkavisko G, right there you turn right on Mokolu g, and after a few miles you go through Mokolai, which you will never find on a map. Then you will see a sigh that says "Petro Katiliaus g (gatve). This is the beginning of Katiliskai, and after 1/2 mile it is a dirt road. I asked a few women about what they know. A few seemed to remember Petro Katilius, and a few seemed to a know a big house (that has since fallen down, almost). They seemed to hear that is was beautiful with orchards and fruit trees etc, but after 50 years of soviet rule, and 10 or so more years of abuse, it is all gone. one house just now was bought, as the ownership was not known for sure.

Anyhow, I did all I could, but it is sad to see it now. All the farmers in the area are all poor and many are old too.

I will put my pictures up and my website, and the album's name is "Katiliskai", and I will also add this to my blog there at my website .... Vytas

Aug 8th, 2014 .. after going back to the airpost to get my GPS, and that took an hour and a 1/2 as I had no idea where I was ... and now I have GPS and a lot of it does not help as it is in Lithuania, and all the villages are not there. So s saw lot of Vilnius that first day, and I was a bit disappoint by the all fallikng down factories and buildings .... the Russians did not do us any favors. Also, a GPS does not help if lanes are closed do to woek ... I drove around is circles for 2 hours just getting to the same place ... today I decided to go to Traku Pilis (castle) and it was very cool .. then I decided to look for Kaitiliskai ... I found it on a map, but not in GPS and drove around for 5 hours, getting close, but never found it .. today I will do more looking and get a plan and find Katiliskai ... in the way I found about 6 great locals who loved me trying to speak in Lithuanian .. and many were very impressed with my ability to speak in Lithuaanian ... some things you never lose. This place is not very tech, and many farmers are the same they always worked it, and small farms with tomatoes, pigs, and the rest ... and wow, avery little hotel has a breakfast that cannot be topped ..fish, fruits, eggs, pastries, meeats, and more and more ... that it is the was it should be !!! AwesomeI will get in bed and have a few vodkas ( it is really cheap) before I sleep. I will find a few 80 year old farmers for my sister to found as relatives ... and I will look at stuff until I leave, early morning on the Aug 14th ... Peace Out

Aug 7th, 2014 .. A HURRICANE WARNING CONTINUES FOR WATERS AROUND THE BIG ISLAND.Please folks, be careful and stay in a safe place ... I want to find yo uall OK, I love you all .. Peace out

Aug 6th, 2014 .. doh, this is a great exercise ... I almost missed my flight to Riga, as I was looking at my watch and look at my time in the correct way .... just made it to the time at 5 PM ... I just got there in time, now I have changed my iphone to look at the 24 hours watch ... 12PM is noon, 13 is One and so it goes ... now after being in a way small spot for 1 a long time in my flight, i am in the Sky High hotel ... oh my god ... it is so old and small and the lady there does not speak English ... arg I am in trouble ... It was way too far for me to walk, but I did it ..... but I do not want to do that tommorow ... give me a short taxi .... oh I almost forgot .. after getting to the airport I was at a loss at what to do to find my flight ... I met a guy from England who was taking a flight to Riga, and he saw my UCLA Basketball shirt and we were friends ... now tommorrow I will try to do this by myself .....I have to get to thye airport by 10:40 AM for my flight to Vilnius... and geez, I had a had time getting my website work here in Latvia, but I think I got it for now .... Peace Out

Aug 6th, 2014 .. god damn, any time I hit a numer three or four, it turns off my computer .. damn .. I cannot get this fixed until I get back to see my tech guy ... so today I cannot get to my wifi as I need to hit a "three" and that turns off my computer .... arrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh

Aug 6th, 2014 .. stated the day with rain in Budapest this morning, and I will see if weather in Riga is OK or not. I will leave Budapest at 11:55 AM in a taxi going to the airport. Never been there so I will get there early. My flight is scheduled to leave at 15:05 PM, and arrive in Riga at 18:20 PM, and I think there is a one hour change in time, so a 2:20 flight. So now my way to go from one city to another is hard as I am all alone .... and I hope my stroke communication is OK, even I have had some issues with being nervous. OK, off for breakfast and looking at the wifi, the one in my room would cost more .... everyone wants more money !!!! So off I go, to eat and check on my emails .....Peace Out

Aug 4th, 2014 .. OK first thing, after waiting for 4 hours to go to the Budapest Hilton, I know out that I was looking for the wrong Hilton on the other side of the river .. so after getting there, after paying the fare, they told me about my mistake .... I called back the taxi and took it to the correct Hilton .. there I found out my special hotel cost does not come with Wifi, Breakfast or any stuff ... more dollars are now spent for this stuff. OK, now I have a hotel and wifi and breakfast for 2 days ... whew!! Now I need a boarding pass for my flight ... how will I get that done??? OK after working this forgien type, and after making many mistakes, I now have 2 boarding passes .. one for Budapest, and 1 for Riga whew!!OK I am ready for another test in another odd place, Budapest .... Peace Out

Aug 3rd, 2014 .. more info ... took a few pictures, and now I am getting ready to leave the ship and go to Hotel (Hilton Budapest) tommorrow at about 10 AM .. then in a few days a flight (I hope) to Riga, a hotel for 1 night and a flight (I hope) to Vilnius ... hope that works OK .. then I will renat a car for seeing Kaunas, Katiliskai, Takui palace etc etc .. I hope to be there for about a week .. then off to ?????Germany??if I run out of money I hope somebody will help me ha ha ha Peace Out

Aug 3rd, 2014 .. OK, back to the cruise ship finally ... good food for 1 1/4 days ... the food on the bus trips was awful for almost 3 days ... chicken leg ... really!!! almost off the cruisde, and now I will be spending real money, not the dollars we spent 1 1/2 years ago. The pain !!!! Oh well, I cannot take it with me..... I will add my email to Viking telling them of what I feel about the cruise .. awful !!! peace out Vytas

Aug 2, 2014 .. 2 days at the 5 star Grand Hotel makes me feel like other people have way too much money, we felt like beggers here, no shit . now hours of bus riding, and I am hoping I can get out of another tour ... I just want to get back to my cruise ship.. Vienna was special here, but I cannot walk all over town ... danm ... and now I have a flight to Riga, and the next day to Vilnius ... we need to see how that works out .. miss my friends peace out

July 31st, 2014 .. OK, I finally got wifi, but a few days ago even McDonalds hurt my, you have to have a phone to be able to get in their WIFI ... what ??????but now I am in a 5 star hotel .... whay .... because the Viking has been lying to us, and the told us one of the last locks failed ... HA they knew it was out for maintenence ... so we had to take a bus for 3 hours to get to Vienna, and we have to stay for 2 days ... on their dollar, but wait, we paid for all that .... we all be getting some free cruises or something .... The lying basdaards!!! last thing, I have a flight to Riga from Budapest, but they will not promise me a seat if I am too tall .... REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate this ... peace out

....July 28th, 2014 .. Monday, and I got a bunch of pictures done, but my wifi expired after 30 minutes, so I have to fix my Amsterdam and Kinderlinj photos and ad my blog ... I am going to Nurnberg to find a wifi at Mc Donalds, I know how sad I am working with a person here at Viking to get me a flight to Riga from Budapest, and then I would take a train to Kaunas in Lithuania .. woo wooat least there people won't make fun of my name ... there a bunch of Vytas'here ha ha ha... Friday will start the month of August ... flying through time ...tomorrow will find us in Regensburg and cruising along the Daunbe and the next day will take us to Passau .. Peace Out

July 27th, 2014 .. Sunday .. OK this is amazing ... even though I cannot walk in the villages, it is still amazing to see this country from the boat .. it would be better is I could hike, but I am happy to see this stuff. I am blessed to be here. here is my 6th day of this tour and I am loving it. I hope that I will be able to get into a cafe and use the wifi. If it works, I should be able to post 6 days of pictures. Here is hoping it works ... I am missing all my friends .. Cindy, Bill, Steve, Lisa, and many dear friends ... love you all .... even though I cannot walk too far, it is still fun. I hope all my pictures get on my website ... more later Peace Out

July 24, 2014 .. OK, I have been taking photos, but, I cannot connect with the website .. so I will keep adding albums and comments waiting for when I can connect .... so be patient ... sooon you will see .. I do we are in Kobents castle, and the people here have told me not to try to walk up the the mountain as itt is too hard ... so today I will relax .... ahhhh this is so hard, all this relaxing ah ah ah .... more coming soon Peace Out

July 22, 2014 .. wow the food is great ... breakfasr, Lunch and Dinner .. wow owo wow ... right now I cannot add this comment pr photos as the internet connecton is not very good ... and who knows when it will be OK ... I will keep adding stuff, and it will be on when I can do it Peace Out

July 20th, 2014 .. finally, I have the album stuff working on my computer, bought a new powersupply and seems all is getting there ... whew, looks like all my stuff will show up on my website, both pictures and blog. and I think I may be done with the lung and whatever stuff I had, may I was sick .... now I can make comments about what I see. Lodon is so flat ... not a hill in sight, same in Amsterdam, especially this area that used to swamps etc ... more later Peace Out

July 13th, 2014 .. have it, my new tech gut updated all my adobe stuff, and only now do I know that I have no way to add album or any pictures to mauiwow.com... darn it ... now I have to do a a lot of stuff on the internet to learn what the hell I can do wah wah wah

Jul.y 12th, 2014 .. finally found a place to buy 1 pair of pants and 2 short sleeved shirts ... for a total of $398 ... it is a good thing that I do not care about a few dollars, phew ... so I can have dinner with Christa ... yeah yeah.. Veags to see if I can at a few photos to the website Peace Out

July 8th, 2014 .. oh boy, I am leaving the Big Island in a few days ... practice for Amsderdam in Las Vegas to take a few pictures and put them on my website ... then on July 17th, I will be in Europe ... in Amsterdam for 3 days with my friends Hettie and Ed, Yvonne's parents. I am so happy to know them and be able to visit with thems .. wow in 2 days the one in a life time starts .... Peace out

June 25th, 2014 .. wow another almost two months has gone past. Now I am but 2 1/2 weeks from starting my big trip. I am leaving here on July 10th and going to Las Vegas the next day, and I am going to buy some pants and a few shirts with collars. My friend Christa has said that if I do not have pants and shirts for dinner she won't let me sit with her ha ha ha .. so since I like Christa I will buy some clothes,and I hope they fit. I haven"t done this for almost 9 years as I am a shorts guy, Oh Well!! I have a few other things I am looking at in Vegas and then I will flew back to Los Angeles for my flights to London on July 16th. I am so excited and afraid that my not walking problem will get in the way, but hell with it, I will have fun no whether!!! By July 18th, I will be keeping picturs on my www.mauiwow.com albums ... Peace Out

May 2nd, 2014 .. Just posting for some info ... I now have resevations for all flying from Kona to Los Angeles 0n Jult 10th to Las Vegas to Los A Lngeles on July 16th to Devner and then to London July 17th and finally to Amsterdam. I also has reservations leaving London to Washington DC on Sept 27th and then to Los Angeles on Oct 15th. I do not have a flight or train to Lithuania or a flight back to Kona in Nov ... but I can do that later. I am getting really excited about the trip ..... very close now ..... Peace Out

April 7th, 2014 .. OK I still need to make reservations to get me from Kona to Los Angeles about the 13th of July ... I was thinking about moving my stuff to the mainland and look at living in Las Vegas, but I will not make that move until after the spring of 2015 ... so I will be here next year .. I hope .. so I have not done anything yet since the last time I posted, except I will NOT go to Portugal .... ok I promise I will try to post some stuff soon Peace Out

March 22nd, 2014 .. OK here is the latest info on me ..... now I have a flight from Los Angeles to Denver and to London and finally to Amsterdam .. I get there on July 17th. It took a lot of pain and cash, but now I have the seats ... and I get to see Mr Ed Van Vlerkan, Yvonne's dad and mom in Amsterdam. Then, after visiting with them for 3 1/2 days, off to the Viking ship for 14 days of cruising .. and finally I have a hotel room for 2 days in Budapest ... that is all I have now .. and I need to fill the time until my return flight from London on Sept 27th. That flight will take me from London to Washington DC where I will spend until Oct 15th ... looking at museums and going to CT to see my old home on 359 Anna Ave in Waterbury CT. I just look at a picture of the house on Google street view andd that old house is so small, abiut 1,000 sq ft. I live in that house for about 13 years until my family moved to LA in 1964. Now more new news ... Just yesterday, I was found by a girl from my old life in my old days ... actually if I remember correctly, my was my first girl friend .... I was soooo shy !!! We have sent each other a few emails, and sooo much is soo different from where I was at age 17 or 18. Dolli is going to Portugal in May thru Sept 1st, and asked if she would visit me there in Portugal. Maybe ??? I have to look at the maps .. going to Lithuania is going the other way, but maybe flying to Lisbon for a few days, and taking trains through europe might be fun ... hell I just don't know ......I am now also waiting to get a few maps and train schedules from amazon to help me plan ... any how, I thought I would share the news .... I still have to schedule a flight from Kona to Los Angeles ... more money shoot!!! I have to keep remembering mysel that I could have died last year, so this vacation is so needed by me ..... even though my neuropathy in my feet is getting so bad that even walking 100 yds is a problem ....shoot shoot ... at that ... I am done for now ..... Peace Out

March 12, 2014 .. here I am just using the blog to say Hi ... I am also trying to learn how to use all the little things that are new with the new software ... I know we all love the way stuff used to work, but now it is all new ugh ugh ... but slowly I will figure it out ... OK I love you all and I am off Peace Out !!!!!

March 3rd,2014 .. let me see .. hmmmm .. OK I did take my computer to see the expert as my stuff was loading slowly and there were a bunch of issues ... my guy, for $200, cleaned up the whole computer and updated about 20 applications with new stuff, and now everything is working the way it should work ... and the few issues I had are all gone. I am glad I found this guy and he really helped me out. Now, I have to call this travel guy for help in getting to Amsterdam in a comfortable seat ... hope this works well. I am also really over haveing all this rain, I want to sit in the sun at the pool all Tuesday ah ah ah !!!! for now Peace Out

Feb 16th, 2014 .. As a kid, I remember this date for 2 reasons ... one, it was my mom's birthday, which was always important, and two, it was Lithuania's independent's day ... and for 50 years it was a day that all Lithuanians celebrated independence in 1918. Then, Russia lost the power over us on 11 March 1990, and that is why we have 2 independence days. Peace out

Feb 3rd, 2014 .. OK the ankle was hurting alot today ... got to see my doc .. they took xrays, blood and gave some painkillers .... we will get more info tommorrow peace out

Feb 2nd, 2014 .. So I have no idea why one day my ankle is killing me, and today it is OK ... I will see that Doc and find out !!!!!! Peace Out

Feb 01, 2014 .. ow ow ow, this morning my right ankle is killing me. This has acted up a few times, but today I have no idea why it hurts soooo much ... and of course I cannot see a doctor until I get a message back from Kaiser. When I am done with this msg, I am sending an email to Kaiser ... we will see what happens. So it is hard to even walk around the condo, so tomorrow I will lay there watching the Super Bowl. Go Denver !!!!! As soon as I know when I can see a doctor, I will post that info. Peace Out !!!!!!!!!

Jan 24th, 2014 .. There are times where I am so sorry that I am sure I will never fully recover from my stroke ... there are times I cannot remember words or I have to change what I wanted to say as the words are gone ... then later I can remember the words. If I am nervous like when I am on the phone, I make more and more mistakes .. and for that I am sorry for ... but I am who I am now ... so just take me for what I am now .. and for the ones that may get angry with me on the phone ... please think there are many like me who will never be 100% OK ...Peace Out

Jan 19th, 2014 .. I find this a bit humorous ... a friend I know just that a quad-bypass ... we thought he had a problem because of the vog, but as soon as the doctors looked at him, the scheduled the operation the next day ... but this is how his life changed .. here is a quote from his blog ..."I also began working upon another goal, a very selfish one, but one that has made me a better person. That goal is that when I die, I would like people to miss me and to want to come to my funeral. I know that is VERY SELFISH, but by trying to strive to that goal, I think I have tried to become a better person. I try to help others without expecting any reward. I try to treat other people with respect, even if they don't agree with me or are wrong" ... and another friend of mine who paddles here has too mentioned that he wants people to come to his funeral ... that is why he trys to be a good person. When I look at what happened to me, I too am loooking a life in a new way ... I think I have been a good person ... and I try to be nice to most people ...... but I am sure I don't care if people come to my funeral ... but I hope they have enjoyed being around me .... now if I can get this European tour done, I will be closer to being finished with my bucket list .... Peace Out

Jan 15th, 2014 .. OK recliner has been fixed ... today Dr Bays fixed a broken filling, and I have to say how amazing todays dentistry is ... wow ... it is so good .. and fast ... I used to hate dental work, but now it is no big deal ... and Friday I have a apt with Kaiser to do my foot care .... and it you did not see it the weather today was so awesome .. just a beautiful day all day long .. no plans for tommorow, but I do have a couple of friends in from CAnada .. 2 Lithuanians .. so I am sure we will eat together Thursday or Friday ... that is all I have Peace Out

Jan 11th, 2014 .. not much going on ... I just had this lady come by my condo to look at my recliner ... for $200 she will re do the cusions etc for the back part of the recliner .. it has been un comfortable for a few months now .. she has it will be like new .. I will see??? Hell, I paid over $1300 for it just over 15 months ago .. but yes, I do spend a lot of time relaxing in it ... at least 6 hours ever day :-) .. and other then that, I have nothing happening .... tommorow I am waiting for the lady to return my recliner back .. until that I have no place to sit and watch TV ....I am on the floor now ..next week I need a tooth fixed up ... and I need to see my foot doc to cut my nails ... that is all I have for now ... Peace Out

Jan 2, 2014 .. here we go .. 2014 is here, and I am one who is happy I am gone with 2013 and the issues of a stroke and rehab .. I am glad that I am about 85% back, and wish I were better, but 85% is a lot better than say 50%. I can deal with this. I am starting to plan for Europe, and I have lots of decisions to make .. where and how etc etc etc .. I am open to any ideas .. OK i posted a few words sooooo I am out ... peace out!!

Dec 26th, 2013 .. whew, made it though another Christmas .. thank you it is over .., now just one more holiday, New Years .. then I can get into my planning mode for the big vacation ... by the way, I am worried that my darn back may give me some pain ... and my dang chiropractor is not on island until Dec 30th I will try to be very careful ..... OK .... I love all of you, and please be safe and have a great 2014 !!!!! Peace out !!!

Dec 23rd, 2013 .. OK I am trying to post something at least a week ... so here I go ... today I am waiting for the Xmas holiday to be done .. I am going to the trainer here in about a hour for a workout that will hurt ... but maybe it will help .. time will tell. Looking at the calendar for this week I see a Xmas morning paddle which I will try, being careful not to get hurt .. then a massage on Thursday ... and a workout on Friday .. that is my life ha ha ha .. at least the sun has been out ... in about a week, I will start looking at my flights for my big vacation in Europe .. all of you people have a great holiday season peace out !!!!!!!

Dec 21st, 2013 .. OK Diane, thanks for letting me know that I have not posted anything there for almost 2 months ... my bad. But there are a few reasons for this, maybe ... I did have friends fron the east coast visiting here in Kona, and I always love seeing them and having a few meals all over Kona ... but true, that is a bad reason for no posts ... I guess my life is getting boreing ... I have started working with a trainer, and that has been very hard for me. This is because of the neuropathy of my feet which are always getting worst ... I cannot feel anything below my ankles ... totally numb, and then my knees are always sore ... ah, getting old is a bitch .. so that being said, my life is boring ... workout twice a week, and then try to recover before the next workout ... phew ... that is hard. and now I have a massage once or twice a week to help with the pain in my feet .. but all that said, starting with Jan, I will keep planning my Europe vacation coming up this July ... a river cruise, visiting with a few friends, visiting Lithuania, and seeing lot of Europe for a few months ... that should keep me busy next year. Here, many of the winter visitors are here and I love seeing many of you guys. Diane you will be here soon, and I am waiting with a big Kiss .. I will try to add to this blog, even when not much is happening .. love all of you people .... Peace Out !!!!!!!!!

Oct 29th, 2013 .. Just a note to say first, I just got my Global Entry card that will make it a lot easier to get back into the USA after my Europe Tour this next summer. This is supposed to keep me out of long lines etc, I will just use my Passport and the Gobal Kiosk to look and my finger prints and my photo, and I will just walk into the good old USA. This global entry card is also supposed to keep me from going through usual TSA line, and I hope that works too. Now I need to get into some kind of workout routine to lose weight and get into better shape to allow my to walk a bit farther then I can now. I am also looking for a way to help my speech therapist into a better financial position, and I am looking into how much can I give her???? I will look at this stuff during the next week or so. I am so happy to be alive ... peace out

Oct 11th, 2013 .. OK it is Friday at about 2PM, and I figure I will be trapped in my condo complex until Sunday Morning, after all the Ironman stuff is done. Fot the first time in weeks, we have sun all afternoon, and usually I love the sun, but if it stays like this, the poor Ironmen/Ironwomen will be suffering in the heat ...hot hot hot ... not much on my calendar right now, except in a week or so I will fly to Oahu to see if I can get my Global pass which will make it a bit easier to travel ... from big airports I will be able to go through much shorter lines and I won't have to take my shoes off ... yeah!! soooo I have nothing else to report ................ Peace Out !!!

Oct 6th, 2013 .. I am feeling pretty good today ... Yvonne Van Vlerken is here for Ironman, and I think she might be ready for a good finish, we shall see. In a few weeks it will be my speech therapist birthday ... I owe soo very much for her help ... when I started seeing her I could not even say woords like toothbrush or no parking .. I was a big mess .. but much better now .... I need to figure out a nice gift for her ...... soooo this week is that mess of ironman week ... athletes everwhere in there speedos ech !!!! everyone have fun this week and I love all of ya Peace Out

Oct 1st, 2013 ..  OK … I am back, and I have promised to do a better job of posting a few sentences of what I am doing at least a few times a week.  I am still working at my speech, and that is a bit more difficult after stopping therapy, but I am trying!!  I starting volunteering a few hours of my time at Life Care by being a friend to a few men that are stuck in the home.  I am working with the men who do not want to do any activities with the other people there.  I have been able to talk to them because they too have had stokes and they seem to understand what I and they have gone through.  I am very lucky that my stroke was not as bad as others have had.  I too hate that I will never be back to 100% recovered, but I could have been so much worse.  I am hoping that I will keep getting better and better.  For now, I am starting to plan my Europe trip, and I hope it will be wonderful … OK that it is it for now  peace out !!!

Aug 18, 2013 .. OK I had my last speech therapy session on July 23rd ... and I feel that since then I have been slowly slipping back on my speech ability ... I think it is because I have no one to practice with, and if I go 2 days without speaking, I start making mistakes and lose words ... damn !!! I am going to Vegas tomorrow, and when I get back I am voluteering my time to talk to some of the lonely older men at Life Care ... I hope that will keep me talking better and better ... also, since I have had no therapy, I have nothing on my calendar to do, for weeks now ... last Tuesday I went to Hilo to ride a Helicopter to see lava ... I was a thing on my bucket list, but I am glad I did it, but it was mostly a waste of time and money ... was able to see only a small bit of Lava dripping into the water ... otherwise just lots of black lava, but is was nice to see the south side of the island from the air. Onther thing I have been going is to think about my life and how my life has changed when I had my stroke ... I am sure my life and how I look at life is very different ... and also, I see how alone I actually am ... I will really take some time during the next month and try to figure out what I should do with the rest of my life??? I have, for the first time ever, realized that I actually have a bit of money in the bank .. my whole life, I never had money to burn, and until I had the stroke, the money I have in the bank was like .... not real ... I was and am still clipping coupons for food ... and always looking to save a buck or 2 .... but hell, I could have died back there in November ... and even now I cannot speak as well as would like ... shit even yesterday, I needed to yell at some kids at the pool, and got all tongued tied ... shit shit shit .. all right, I have some stuff to think about and I will try to have some fun in Vegas ... I will be going to the Neon Museum and the Mob Museum ... Peace out .........

July 1, 2013 .. OK here it is, July 1st, but not too much has changed for me. My life is stilll about attending speech therapy, twice a week, and it is still covered until July 25th. At that point, I guess it will be up to my therapist to decide if she thinks I need more help, if so, she will ask for more insurance and then we need to wait to see if Kaiser will fund it. On days I do not have speech therapy, I have a few hours of homework .. and of course if I am in a place where I can practice speaking without looking like a crazy person, I have drills that I can do. I am soooo much better than I was months ago, and I am still getting a bit better each week. Now, however, the pace of healing is much slower. If I look back a few weeks, I can still see some inprovement, but slow low slow .... but I know I am getting there ... bit by bit. Many people I talk now do not know I had a stroke, but I am sure they just think I am not as smart as I know I was. Hell, I guess I am happy to be alive, and I can now speak and read and write !!!!! I will be very happy to be gone with the therapy .... but I would like maybe one more month of sessions ... but I don't have control over this decision ... we willl see. As soon as I am gone with this therapy, I will be taking a trip to the mainland, and I am not sure to where, but airfares will decided where I go. I will rent a car and go ??? for a few weeks ... OK that is what is going on with me ... just getter bettah every day ... Peace Out !!!!!!!

June 8th, 2013 .. Here it is, June 8th ... a few days ago I had my last Speech Therapy session ... and I am hoping the insurance people give me another 6 weeks of sessions .... I know that these sessions would help me, but improvements from here will be very slow .... I still making small errors with the words I select to use, and I stilll have top "look" for words to use. I am so much better then I was ... remember that 6 months ago it took me almost 2 weeks to be able to say "No Parking" ... I juat could not do it .. I kept tryng to say no purking etc etc etc ... damn that was hard. I can have a conversation now, but I still have trouble finding a lot of words, but it will keep getting better .... if I am not allowed any more speech sessions, I will be in a problem area as I am now very bored .. for the last 6 months my entire life has been about speech therapy and preparing for speech theray .. I cannot paddle any more because of my knees .. so what the hell am I going to do???? Time will tell ... if I in fact get no more therapy, I think I will go visit the mainland for a few weeks .... doing ?????????? Peace out

May 30th, 2013 .. wow .. it has been 2 months since my last data. It has been 6 months since I had the stroke, and many things are better ... my only real worry is that is takes a long time for me to "find" words that I want to use, the job of getting my vocabulary back willl take many more months. The good thing is that many people who do not know me cannot see that I had a stroke, but I find ways to switch what I am trying to say to use words I can use as opposed to what I want to say. But at least I can speak ..... I can can go to a restaurant and order food, I could not do nat for the first months of this ordeal. I have only the best praise for my Speech Therapist who has gotten me to where I am. Next summer I have already booked a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest, 14 days ... woo woo .. I could have died, but instead I will be living life. OK it is still a bit hard to write this stuff, so for now Peace Out

Feb 28th, 2013 .. OK, I am still have a hard time writing, but it is getting better week by week, and also I still have issues speaking, but that too is getting better. I can be happy, that at least after the first week, my brain is not damaged. Only the aphasia that only hampers my speech and writing. I am already trying to plan a trip to Alaska around the June or July timeframe. All this because I want to see a glacier calving a iceburg. A bit silly to spend a week in a liner to see a glacier, but maybe I am crazy. I have become must more aware of my age, and I am going to have much of fun as I can. woo woo woo .... anyone going to go to Alaska with me??Peace out

Feb 7th, 2013 .. OK I will try to add something to this blog .. some of you know I had a Stroke about Nov 15th, and since that event I have been un able to write anything, even a short email. The first month was very very hard for me. I had most of my memory, but the lost of blood to the brain damaged a number of brain cells that ended me with aphasia. Aphasia is a disorder caused by damage to the parts of the brain that control language. It can make it hard for you to read, write and say what you mean to say. I have the best and nicest speech therapy professional on the Island, and she has worked with me to try and re-learn the way to talk and type my thoughts. Aphasia for me has made it very hard to speak and even harder type .. luckly for me I can read and know what is spoken to me. I will continue to get better and I hope that with some hard work and luck I will get to place where I will again be able to speak with my friends

October 19, 2012  ..  yesterday I took a little trip to Oahu to meet with the neurosurgeon.  I was hoping that the numbness and issues I'm having with my legs would be at least partially  caused by the stenosis in my spine, but sadly it seems all the foot and leg numbness is caused by neuropathy. The neurosurgeon then explained to me why it wasn't stenosis and what those symptoms would be for future reference, so I learned something at least.  So that means I really don't have a quick fix coming in a bulging disc surgery. Anyway I hope everyone has a great weekend, it is  warm and humid here in Kona and Smoggy, but it's also Hawaii J   I hope to go to the farmers market meet and geezer corner tomorrow, talk story with my friends.  A lot of people leaving town and a lot of the snowbirds have not yet showed and  Ironman's over .. so with limited mobility, except for the physical therapy I am now doing by doc’s orders, lots of lounging around and relaxing for me  Peace Out

Oct 11th, 2012 .. OK been dealing with the knees, stenosis and neuropathy of feet, and therefore in-active, so of course have put on the weight I lost last year and am ashamed to be errr heavy agin .. this too will change starting today ... diet diet diet ... and a bit more excersice in pool or whatever, but leaving lehgs and knees out of it. It has been very warm and humid and voggy off late, but it is still Hawaii .. ahhhhh nice to be here ... this week is the crazy week of Ironman, and this year it seems crazier then ever ... all open space have a vendor booth for this goo or that Bestmilch or Canondale or ????? and yesterday and today driving Alii Dr would be a mistake, I did it yesterday, but will not attempt to drive it until Monday. I must say, that when I stop and think about it, I am so blessed to have a bunch of people who are good friends here, and of course that is why I have moved to Hawaiio 3 times in the last 6 years. And I will say that each time I left I had no intention of coming back .. but there are draws .. the frinds and the weather .. love all of you that are friends of mine ... big HUGS ... ALOHA for now ok leaving now to have the first of 3 Supartz injections under my kneecaps ooww owww ... peace out

Sept 16th, 2012 .. Well right now I am not happy that I sat next to Fred for an Hour yesterday at Geezer Corner ... woke up at 3 AM with a raspy cough and chest congestion .. I caught his chest cold .. nothing worse than a chest cold in Hawaii .... waiting for Long's to open so I can buy some sudafed, cough medicine, cough drops, and chicken broth ... hack hack hack ... peace out

Sept 13th, 2012 .. Well now i guess this is why people always say get a second opinion .... the Doc I met with today was so more invoved with me, that I left very pleased, he too would like to put off the knee replacement until after we try a few other things, and then if no workie, then surgery .. and I am fine with that. He gave me a fancy knee brace, scheduled some physical therapy, and Oct 11th I get this slimy stuff called SUPARTZ injected in my knees, the first of three injections ... he has good results with this .. and aagain I am pleased that we are doing "something", he even offered after we see how the injections work, an arthroscopic procedure to clean up the arthritis, as it is so simple a procedure with little risk .. and then if still in real pain .. the repllacement so I am happy with this plan ... aloha

Sept 11th, 2012 .. well had an unexpected outcome of my first surgeon's consultation today, we will see what the other guy says Thursday. Let me back up to Aug 9th when I saw the PA who is the first orthopedic screener for Kaiser. He has been doing this for 30 years and has seen many knees, and after looking at my Xrays and seeing the pain I was in, said I was absolutely a perfect candidate for TKR (total knee replacement). Well the guy today starts off with stats like 20 % of the procedures do not have a good outcome, and that if he were I he'd wait, since the corsitone MAY work for a couple of years ... or maybe 2 months ... well the more we talked it became more clear to me that if I were a 5 foot tall patient with a knee about the size of my wrist he would be scheduling me. But it seems the taller you are the more difficult and more invasive the surgery is, becauuse of bigger bones, tighter ligaments and stuff .. so he kept putting me off, and finally after giving me many reasons not to have it done, said if I really wanted it he'd refer me to one of their joint experts ( I thought that was his job??) SO I guess there is more chance for tall people to have less success and the surgery is much more difficult and harder for the surgeon .. well I have to absorb this before I look for options, and will see what the Thursday guy says ..more to come Peace Out

Aug 27th, 2012 .. OK not much new .. just got a floor level condo in Aliicove that will work for me during knee surgery and rehab .. so at least thru early 2013 .. it is not what ai want, small, no view, gets hot, but it will be in Aliicove where especially during winter I know lots of folks, and I hope that will put more smiles onmy face and help with the hard rehab I will have. I also am trying to get the ortho guy to look at my other knee to see if there is anything we can do like rooster comb injections to put off having to have that one replaced soon. Tomorrow, I have to notify the people I am renting from that ai have to move, even though I have 7 mos left on the lease, I hope they understand the medical necessity, and that this is the best time for them to rent .. worse case I think will be a $1500 hit on security deposit and damn that is a lot of coin .. but we shall see ... I thought 2 1/2 weeks ago that I would go insane with pain waiting for the operation, but god bless that cortisone shot under the kneecap ...took a while to kick in, but even though there is still mucho pain, it is bearable ... I love the guy who came up with cortisone. .. All I am doing now, as I am pretty much stuck in my condo mostly, is to plan the stocking of the new place with all I need, so when I return from Oahu after the surgery, all I need will be in the condo. I know I will be unable to drive for 4 weeks or so .. so I must have all the supplies there ... even things like toilet paper ha ha ha for now that is it ... Peace Out

July 26th, 2012 .. another beautiful day in paradise .. the vog is persistent, but life is good. I once again have gotten the reminder, that all other aside, health is the MOST important ... during the last weeks, my foot problems have become a minor issue, my knee's cartilage has gone away, and I am in constant severe pain that is at the maximum scale, xrays show bone on bone rubbing. just standing up brings a tear to my eye from the agony .. I am off to pick up soe drugs my doc wrote up for me ... vicodin and meloxicam .. and I hope these will help .. I have an appointment with the Ortho Aug 9 .. which seems so far away now ... there may be other solutions, but I am pretty sure it is knee replacement time, and if that is the case, I hope it can be done NOW or asap. Health is all .. I am sitting here typing this looking out at a marvelous morning and would love to be able to go walk or even go sit at the beach, but am too crippled for now ... maybe the drugs will help, but I don't think they will do enough ... happy to be in Hawaii but a bit depressed with my health .... I don't want to be a shut in :-( .. ok off to Kaiser to get drugs Peace Out hmmm an update .. it is now an hour later, just got back from Kaiser Kailua, sans drugs ... yes my doc emailed in the perscriptions, but he needs to sign them .. he is doing his hospital rounds now, come back after 3 .. shit!!! so I suffered for nothing .. now I have to go back in an Hour for an hour and a half dental appointment double shit .. replace a crown and a large filling ... $1300 thank you very much ... back on a spam diet I guess ... ha ha ha ..... peace out again

July 9th, 2012 .. well no posts for a month .. I guess that means 2 things, 1 ... everyday is like a quiet vacation ... 2 .. just not much to report. I am alive so I thought I'd do this post .. lots of issues with my feet and legs, but having visits with various docs at Kaiser and hope for a bit of improvement. if not, still one lucky SOB to be living in Hawaii, and not needing to panhandle yet .. peace out

June 11, 2012  ..  not much going on in my sleepy town since May 21st.  I did have Kaiser fly me to Honolulu for a wonderful 24 minutes inside of a long noisy tube for an MRI.  Imagine that, had to go to another island for an MRI … left Kailua town at 7 Am and was back in my condo by 2 PM and the MRI results were in my email already.  So now at least my neurologist will have something to look at during my July 5th appt.  Glad I asked my main doc to schedule the MRI.  I am totally settled in my condo now, and am very happy except it is getting painful for my knees climbing 32 stairs every time I go or come back …. I will be OK for this coming year, but may look for a ground level unit for the next year.  As I said, otherwise not much going on, try to paddle with the club Tues and Thurs every week, coffee with the paddlers and others MWF at Huggo’s, talk story and coffee after paddling at the Keauhou shopping center’s tables.  I got and installed new aloha seat covers in my car … came out nice I think … and after the next few round of doc appointments if it turns out no operations etc in my future will see if I can plan a vacation away from paradise .. pretty funny eh? VOG VOG VOG,it certainly has been bad the last 2 or 3 months … I cannot remember a really nice day .. but at least it is warm every day.  Being down I Keauhou instead of smack dab in Kailua has gotten me to spend more time with new and exciting and interesting friends, and variety of talk story circles and new friends is always nice.  Life is good, I am having a nice relaxing life and wouldn’t trade with to many people … PEACE out and good vibes to all I know ..

May 21st, 2012 .. well we have had unusuall high vog levels since March 19th, 2008 when the Halema`uma`u Crater vent started spewing a huge plume of vocano stuff including heavy metals like mercury etc, but most apparent is the 2,200,000 lbs of sulfur dioxide the plume shoots into our air on a daily basis .. when this vent first opened, the daily SO2 emmissions were as high as 18,000 000 lbs per day .. this phenomenom results in changed weather patterns as well as burning eyes and for some people significant health issues ... ... prior to that March 19th event there were occassional voggy days depending on wind direction etc, but now the norm is no sun by 11 AM in Kailua Kona area almost every day .. in the last 2 months we have had 2 or 3 so so days but no days like prior to the March 19th event ... today it is quite bad ... I cannot even see the water from my lanai ... average temperaturs are down about 5 degrees year round and all weather is quite different from before. More and more people are venturing North to get sun .. usually just getting just North of the airport gets you out of the bad stuff, so Kua bay is a good option. and starting next week I will be driving up at least twice a week for SUN. Other than that, I am starting the Kaiser health things and getting to see specialists will happen, but it is a slow proccess ... first appointment no sooner than July 5th. ugh .. OK going to watch some playoff basketball on TVnow sooooo have a great day/wek/month everyone PEACE OUT

May 13th, 2012 .. Sunday, and Mother's day .. a nice breakfast at SPLASHER'S with friends and then some TV watching Basketball and then the recorded Formula 1 race from Spain. A great race by the way, new tire specifications have totally changed F1 racing, and I am not sure for the better. I am se=wearing to start tomorrow back on my diet that was so successful last year where I lost over 35 lbs. But since then during my 9 month mainland visit I have regained over 15 of those pounds and am very angry at myself when I look in the mirror ugh ... got a reminder call from Kaiser, and so far am impressed at how they run things at Kaiser Hawaii, which I found out has nothing to do with Kaiser on the mainland. Wednesday is first appointment .. we shall see .. having a very bad day with my legs today .. lots of pain and discomfort .... oh well life is good otherwise ...hmm I should change the seating arrangement for my computer .. looking Mauka towards a dark voggy mountain .. should be facing the sea .... :-) have a wonderful week ahead ... PEACE OUT

May 5th, 2012 .. wow, I really thought no one ever read this crap, but a number of folk have chastised me for neglecting my blog duties. Therefore an update! I am very glad to finally be settled in my new rental condo. It is a huge 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath place, way to big for only me, but I love the space. It also has an Ocean view for all the rooms except the bathrooms, no biggie there :-). And in addtion to be settled in the condo, I am so happy to be back in Hawaii. Let me see why ... hmmmm winter temps: Lows 71 or so highs 82 or so, summer temps: Lows 74 or so highs 84 or so. crowds ... hmmm the entire Big Island population about 170,000, and it is a big island, Southern California, according to wikipedia, in exces of 22,000,000. That is huge. A traffic jam here is a 5 minute delay ha ha ha. It isn't perfect, but not bad .. I can, and have complained about the vog for the last 4 years, and I have a right to. When I moved here crystal clear days and evenings were the rule, days upon end, now a nice sunset is maybe 1 every 2 months,, and vog blocks the sun virtually every day by 11 AM, but still a bit of paradice with blooming flowers of all types all year round. My paddling buddies, both gals and guys, have welcomed me back and have made me feel sooo very good, it is an amazing Ohana, some of the nicest people in the world, certainly including some that made me sad today as they are going back to the mainland for a few months tomorrow "sniff sniff". Alex and Diane get your butts back here ASAP. This morning was one of the rare recently crystal clear mornings, but now it is about 1 PM and NO damn sun ... oops sorry about the outburst. As most of my friends know the only other negative are my health challenges. 5 years ago I had nothing wrong, now I struggle to walk, even grocery shopping is an ordeal, but as of May first, I am with Kaiser and hope to get a bit better after some surgery I suspect. Pirior to this move to Kaiser I was paying a lot of money for medicare and supplement, but vitrtually no doctors here will accept new patients on medicare, you hear that Obama !!!. nAnyhow aI hope to start the road to some recovery May 116th with my first doc visit with Kaiser, my fingers are crossed that they can figure out a way to make me more mobile. As my confused thoughts continue to make their way to the blog, I cannot keep the thought out of my mind as to how fortunate I really am, even with a few burdens .. I live in Hawaii, have greeat people around me and wake up every day (so far) .. these are good things, and I don't have to pan handle (yet) either ... woo woo. I will reall make an effort to blog a bit more often for the 2 people who read this, please all have a great day, week, month and year PEACE OUT

April 9th, 2012 .. OK .. 98% moved in to my new rental ... 4th floor with a great view of the Ocean out of all rooms ... I am about 1/2 mile away from the water and at about 220 foot elevation. Nice quiet complex .. only negAtive is a good walk from car and a number of stairs .. so a bit of a challenge for me normally because of the neuropathy, and a real bitch after a costco run. But worth the pain. always a breeze thru the place and never hot in here. So I think I waill be pretty happy here for at least the next year. I am famous today, a leter to the publisher of the local paper got published .. "I'm somebody" lol it was about many local doctors refusing new patients who are on medicare .. so officially I have insurance, but do I really?? I already was just rejected by a local neurosurgeon because I was forced on Medicare by f**ing Boeing when my disability made me eleigible for medicare .. part of my retirement was a great medical plan til age 65, but Boeing screwed me .. oh well ... oh yeah this place is huge to .. one level but about 1500 sq ft. Only things I needed to buy so far were 1. amn expensive la-z-boy recliner and some little things like sheets etc and kitchen condiments mustard, chilis etc. Am also back to trying to paddle at least a few times a week .. the beginning is tough as I have had no .. I mean NO excersice in 12 months so I am having and will have PAIN for a month or so until I get some tone in my muscles. So bottom line is that life is good and I am moving on with life .. having fun and making new friends. Hawaii is a super place to be when I see the weather other places are having ... I almost feel guilty ... ALMOST .. check out this you tube:


Peace out !!

March 23rd, 2012 .. A week from today, mobving into my new digs ... cannot wait, been living out of my suitcase since I got here early Jan. Am totally inot relaxing almost every day and just reading and paddling and talking story with my friends, my feet and legs are a bit worse every day and getting around is hard and painful. Very few people know ha=ow bad it is .. when I get settled will try a few more approaches and see some medical specialists ... still am hoping I can get a bit better, but am loving life aloha Peace Out

Feb 22nd, 2012 .. Well, after all my Hawaii life been spent in Aliicove Condos near downtown Kailua Kona, looks like I will be moving South about 6 miles to Keauhou area in Kaulana condos. Closer to the paddling club and to friends like Diane and Alex which is good. The 2 bdrm condo has a fantastic view of Keauhou Bay from the lanai and is pretty spacious, and pricy, but I deserve it :-). 6 miles further from Costco, but will force me to plan a bit bettah. I have a bit over 4 weeks left in the sublet I am camping in now, and will start getting excited about moving into something more permament soon. I will be able to stock up on necessary items ... club soda, booze, TP, paper towels, chili sause, Seracha sauce, fruits and veggies, salt and peppah etc etc. So more to come later. I got a new paddle from a coach to replace the one some High Schoolers apparently demolished .. wonder what they did, but now I have a bettah paddle lol Hawaii is wonderful, but would be bettah if the darn vog went away ... silly volcano .. stop it !!!! Peace Out

Feb 17th, 2012 .. OK the day after Lithuanian Independence day (first of 2), and I was reminded yesterday by some condo friends I haven't posted anything in a while .. I have been getting back into the Kailua Kona groove and loving it ... paddlers, condo buds and other buds as well ... am still sorta living out of my suitcase .. I have sublet a place for 2 months and am hoping that in the next few weeks some of the snowbirds leave and I can find a nice long term rental. My feet are really giving me a huge mobility isswue, just keeps getting worse, and will go to a spinal specialist in a few months, after I get settled over in Honolulu. Boy I really appreciate warm weather now .. love sleeping on the covers with onl a tee shirt and all windows open ahhhhhhhh ahhhhh. Peace Out

Jan 28th, 2012 .. OK a wrench has been thrown in my plans ... the friend trying to buy a condo she wanted me to rent from her was beaten out by a full price cash offer .. so that deal is PAU .. I have a 2 month rental now in a place I am not too crazy about .. and I now have to find a place for April 1st or so (how appropriate) .. so the next 2 weeks will be spent looking at potential buys, but not likely .. and more likely try to find a nice nice rental for April 1st. ... plans keep a changin' and then my sister has had a family tragedy, and one of my nephews has been taken from us at a very young age ... 45 ... and with horrible circumstances, I am not a religious man, but will say a few prayers for the remaining family to be strong during this time ... Peace Out

Jan 20th, 2012 .. OK right now it seems I have made a pact with a friend of mine who is buying an oceanfront condo, and I will be renting it for a few years before she can retire .. but pronblem is it is in a 70 day escrow, so I am homeless til then and looking for a place for 2 months .. if you know of anything please let me know Peace Out

Jan 14th, 2012 .. OK here I am in Hawaii ... getting hugs everywhere I go, nice to be "HOME". Have a few options for condos working, but time is getting short where I am, and still have no for sure deals. Nexxt week will be decision time on a few options, but they are out like May 1st, and the one I thought was a sure thing, the unit I had 5 years ago, well I checked with the tenants and no less that Chris Lieto and family, top triathletes .. and they said they were there at least through summer, and to mean that means through end of Oct after next Ironman .. oh well .. I am so glad to be here .. the weather is so nice and I have had so many people yell greetings at me. Once I get settled life will be good. only bummer is my feet and legs are killing me now almost non stop .. I think that spinal stenosis might be a big contributor now, so after the dust settles I will go over to Honolulu and see a spinal neurologist. Today is a glorious day, no vog and Hualailai is clear as a bell, man I am a lucky guy ... Peace Out

Jan 6th .. my friend Al has proded me into posting an update. Do to a number of reasons I won't go into I have moved my Hawaii date up from Feb 6th to Jan 9th, dropped my car off today with Pasha the shipper and fly out Monday to warm warm Hawii more later Peace Out.

Dec 30th, 2011 ... well now the year is winding down and I am busy coordinating my return to the Big Island which will now be my for good home. Getting the car detailed and packed and serviced, packing and shipping boxes, and soooo looking forward to being home .. warm tropic home .. now the downside .. trying to find a place to live that meets my needs is tough right now due to it being busy season.. snowbirds everywhere .. I just found out the first place I lived when I moved to Hawaii the first time ... a nice 2 bd with loft, will be available June 1st .. so now what do I do during Feb, Mar, Apr and May .. I need to find a nice place to stay for 4 mos while I wait for a unit that I really like ... hmmmm .. If I cannot find a temp place, I am toying with the idea of visiting a friend in Australia for a few mos ???? decisions decisions .. but at least I will be away from my chilly San Diego and also the situation I put myself in which is keeping me from being happy .... I cannot wait to meet with paddlers at the defunct donut shop Tues and Thurs mornings to talk story with friends .. and ah yes the Sat farmer's market geezers corner .. and the one and two man canoe races will be starting up soon ... wee wee fun fun and warm and warm ... cannot wait. This was a pricey venture gone bad, but so what .. good things ahead and the April thru June road trip was truly an awesome adventure and am so glad I did it ... and I have reunited with my sister .. and I feel good about that .. just sorry she isn't in a perfect situation but that may improve too .. Peace Out

Dec 18th, 2011 .. Had a great time spending a few days in Vegas with good friends, lost my budgeted amount, and saw a mediocore Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Show .. there were hi lites, but overall so so . For one thing they set up the main stage off at one end of the arena, so 70% of the time people were looking 90 degrees to one side or the other from where their seats were pointed .. pretty lame. There were some great parts of the show though. Also, had a really good visit with my Sis .. we haven't been in touch very much over the last decade, and I am glad we have re connected. Now back in San Diego, getting ready for serious planning to get outta here .. this time I will take a loss on an expensive bed I bought and other things like advance rent, but at this point I care not, just get me outta here to a warm warm Hawaii .. lol .. Peace Out

Dec 10th, 2011 .. looking forward to being in Vegas tomorrow afternoon to spend some time with my good friends Bill and Cindy (not looking foward to the drive though). I understand we will see the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson .. I have been going to Vegas for decades and have not gone to shows except 7 months ago Bill and Cindy took me to Le Rev .... and it was awesome, so looking forward to this and just seeing theem. ... Then will go visit Sis in St George Utah for a couple days .. ... back to Vegas for 1 night to break up the drive then back to San Diego and start earnest preparations to go back home to the BI. It will be tough, I think, to find a place to live that will meet my requirements .. but hopefully ... I'll find a place ... Ocean view, no geckos ... etc etc and nice .. OK time to relax before hopefully getting a good night's sleep and a safe drive for 5 hours tomorrow ... Peace Out

Dec 4th, 2012 ... packing and sending stuff to the island .. have no place to stay yet .. need to find some temp housing whilst I search after I get there. Sooo getting there little by little. The weather here is really in suck mode by my standards .. really cold .. and it seems on top of my neuropathy, there is stenosis between a number of my spinal discs .. when I sit is certain chairs for 10 minutes or so, both my feet and ankles are completely numb ... man health is the most important, and I am leaking it slowly .. got to go live in Hawaii and do what I can while I can.. I know overall I am veruy lucky, but hate being so limited physically ... and it is getting worse ... :-( ... but will be in warm and beautiful Hawaii soon ..... Peace Out

Nov 29th, 2011 .. have been spending tons of time on my computer .. arranging for shipping car to Kailua Kona ... air travel reservations .. and changes to both .. looking at my stuff and wondering what to take and how to get it there???? My last free GM oil chnage right after I return from the Vegas jaunt .. get the car detailed before shipping .. finish up any lingering medical tests etc .. rent a car here, see if there are temp accomadations I can use in Hawaii while looking for a place to live, if not hotel.. and maybe even a car to borrow til mine gets there, if not another rental .. oh well ... I want to br relaxing again soon in the warmth of the BI .. for now busy and just eager to be home in Hawaii .. Peace out

Nov 19th, 2011 .. Wow time flys .. it is getting really cold here now (compared to Hawaii), the heater is on 24 hours a day as temps outside are lows in 40s and highs in 50s .... brrrrr .... am making plans to get out .. will visit with some of my Hawaii friends at their timeshare in Vegas Dec 10 and 11, then drive to St George Utah and visit with my sister for a few days and scan some old family photos, then back to the timeshare for a day or 2 and then drive back to San Diego. Looks like I will schedule dropping off my car with Pasha shipping on Feb 3rd, and I have booked a flight for Feb. 6th back to Kailua Kona, home. Am looking for a place to stay, but might be easier once I am there .. looks like my triathlete friends will let me spend a few weeks in their Aliicove condo while I am looking .. that would be a great help ... woo woo a konaweb picnic the day after I arrive, so I will see a bunch of my Hawaii peeps right away .. yeah !! I think I will now appreciate the peace and warmth of Hawaiii more than ever, and am very much looking forward to not having a roomie again ... I am too old to change my ways for one, and for two .. I will be as happy as I can for the rest of my life ... not making concessions for others ... Oh yeah, drove up to the Los Angeles area for one of the twice a year Methane Movers lunch ... a group of people who worked at SoCal Gas ... my first real boss was there, and he was a man responsible for teaching me more than anyone else, except for my dad ... I love the guy, he is 87 now .... the folks at the lunch ranged in age from 87 to about 55. I worked with about 10 of the 22 attendees from about 1972 until 1984. I guess I am getting to the age, when getogethers like this make you appreciate life as a few of the guys aren't doing very well health wise. Probably won't ever see them again due to living in Hawaii so it was important for me to go .. 97 mile drive each way and worth it. Even though my car is supposed to be empty when I ship it, I plan to fill it with all the stuff that are things I want, but not enough to pay for shipping them, and if they get stolen, no big deal ... I cannot wait to be in happier moods and living conditions again ... ahhhhh Big Island .... I guess that is enough jumbled ramblings for now .... ALOHA and Peace Out

Nov 10th, 2011 .. Just getting over my cold/sore throat/respiratory ailment .. get this every year, and as soon as I think I am over it, I relapse for a few more days .. happens every year. Takes about 2 weeks to fully shake it. Well time has come, I need to make serious plans for the next year or 2. I soo hate making decisions like this ... right now looks like an Feb 1st departure from my current condo, but not sure yet as what to do ... will make a few calls to Kona next week regarding availability of places to stay and get whatever other info I can. Here today it is rainly and cold. I might as well be in Texas, just staying indoors and websurfing and watching TV. I am a giant slug right now. Only things of interest .. starting Wednesday in San Diego Harbor they will be having America's Cup World Series San Diego. It will be like stadium competition with all action close to shore within the harbor. Might be fun to watch. The first of two new designs for the 34th America’s Cup, the AC45 catamaran made its debut in Auckland on January 17, hitting speeds in excess of 20 knots, right out of the box. These are the boats that will race here. The 34th America’s Cup will feature 72-foot catamarans raced on San Francisco Bay in the Finals in 2013. So if there is nice weather, a reason to go do something fun. My weekly 2 hour casino visit yielded $250 profit Wednesday, and maybe I will stop the trips now that I am a bit ahead. :-) What I am really hoping for is to win the Lottery tonite. That would make my planning soo much easier ... I would pay 3 months rent in advance here to help my friend out and I would be in Kona by next week ... lol .... come on just one time let me be wealthy ...... OK going out right now to buy some Lotto Tix ... Peace Out .. and more to come later ......

Nov 5th, 2011 .. well it seems since the overnight lows all the sudden are in mid 40s, and highs can still be mid 80s, coupled with the fact we had santa ana conditions a few days ago, which means about 7% humidity and 80s, and the next day, yesterday, it rained, 100% humidity and highs about 55, that I am now consuming large amounts of Advil, Sudafed, vitamin C and Zinc tablets and gargaling with Hydrogen peroxide, warm salt water and listerine. Also alternating between chills and bouts of sweating. Being ill really is a bummer. I also am getting ready to start looking for a place to live if I return to Hawaii Jan or Feb. Need to find a nice place, no geckos, no bugs and nice. Would love a place in Aliicove, but it is busy time now with all the snowbirds. It is funny how I forgot how much I don't like cold weather ha ha ha. It really sucks. Might try to visit my sis up in Utah before I venture back to Hawaii. Last time I was there I found out she had some old family photos albums I was unaware of. I would like to scan a number of them into my computer. Will start looking at options and air fares etc as soon as I feel better. This morning I thought was through it, but about 2 hours after my morning shower, fever came back and a very very sore throat. Good thing that last time I bought sudafed, I did it at costco and they turned me on to a generic bottle of about 80 pills for about 1/4 of what Sudafed costs .. OK off to drink some Orange juice followed by warm tea and then VODKA Peace out

Oct 28th, 2011 .. nothing really new to report.. Had a really nice day at Sea World today, pix on the site here, but will say that the place is not handicapped friendly. No pace to sit while waiting for venues to open. very tight seating, and there were a lot of people with similar problems to mine complaining .. not even a shuttle service like there is at the Zoo and Safari Park. Oh well the shows themselves were very very good. Temps in the 40s now in the morning .. I cannot take this .. will try to work out a plan to get to Hawaii in a few months .. and never spend fall and winter on the mainland again ha hha ha ha. My feet ad legs are killing me, so off for an adult beverage and the last few innings of the world series .. go St Louis ,, Peacce out

Oct 16th, 2011 ..  OK I started an adventure early April, visiting National Parks and old friends and working associated from 40 years ago … that was not always perfect but man, I covered a lot of territory and saw amazing sights .. and really enjoyed re visiting some of my favorite places and finally getting to Mt Rushmore and Devil’s Tower .. the Chino Air Show was great, the ZOO and unusual museums … I am so lucky that I could do that .. making amends  with my Sis was cool too, even though I don’t understand all of the situation there …. Getting all the medical testing for a variety of ailments was a necessary thing, even though no real cures were found, but nothing fatal either.  I have been hating the 100 deg temps here, but now am feeling Fall in the air and am sure that in a matter of weeks I will hate the weather in the 50s.  Am glad I could help my friend dig out of his financial and other woes, but am getting to the point of selflessness .. why shouldn’t I be happy with my situation, and currently I am not … soo, I have to find a way during the next  3 or 4 months to let my roommate find a place and for me to figure out a way back to Hawaii, be it Big Island or Oahu .. or ???  First I have a few dentals appointments to take care of old repairs .. I guess I really haven’t had any work done, other than cleanings, for over 8 years .. and I have some huge old fillings.  Looks like maybe 2 crowns and replacement of 3 small fillings .. let see, quote was just under $3,000, but hey I need to keep my teeth for a few more years ( and I still have all of them including wisdoms) lol .. if only I could win about a million or two in the Lottery, things would be really easy, abut as is doable, just need to be a bit frugal and careful not to go nuts .. OK life goes on and the next few weeks seem that boring will be the problem … the only thing of consequence on my calendar is a Friday lunch with a very good friend who will be down here from LA on business.  Now pleasedon’t take any of the previous as complaining as my life is good … I just want to get to a happier place  Peace Out .

Oct 5th, 2011 .. wow the epidural injection was a snap yesterday, and all the people at Scripps Clinic were sooooo nice ... didn't hardly feel a thing .. I was told the doc is a top one and all the medical people go to him if they need an epidural ... no improvement in the discomfort, but I am told the chances of it helping are slim, but ina few days it may be a bit bettah .. here the seasons have changed in 2 days .. it is damn Fall ... cold and rainy for the last few days ... rainy would be OK ......but COLD ... not ... am thinking I need some dental work done before I return to Hawaii .. I know I need at least one crown .. and 2 other minor repairs ...but the only dentist I trust and know is in Manhattan Beach .. so I will drive up Nov 10th for a cleaning and evaluation, and then schedule the work I need .. getting old sure is not fun :-( ha ha ha ... am trying to make plans for the return .. man air fares are ridiculous ... if I want to go one way to KOA with 2 stops ... Pheonix and Seattle fare about $480 .. non stop from LA ..$1300 ... and we are talking coach ... wow wow wow ... I have enough miles, so as I choose a date I will look again later ... Peace Out

Oct 3rd, 2011 .. well a quick update .. hmmm let me see, there was he Miramar Air Show on Friday ... to much walking for my neuropathy, but I love airshows ..the F16 pilot was awesome .. the bi plane Oracle was "sick" and overall had a good time seeing cool military hardware up cloose and personal .. a Harrier landing and lots of great fly bys .... the Sunday drove the 125 miles up to LA for 1., to clrean up my parents headstones and spend a few important moments graveside ... then drove to the Lithuanian church for the annual "Lithuanian Days Festival" .... saw some of my favorite relatives and some old friends and caught up on whos is sick with what and who passed since I was last around (2 years ago). Drove back 125 miles and had my new GPS app tell me to exit the freeway which I did, and then recalcullating .. "make a u-turn and get back on the freeway" I am like WTF???? oh well back to the old app that seems not to go nuts like this one. Epidural injection tomorrow between L4 and L5 I think, I know it won't help, but am hoping it will ..... and then .. the last few days the monrning temps have been in the 50s .. how can anyone live here .. freezing my butt off ... I may have to move up my return to Hawaii ... too darn cold here in SoCal .... and I even know some folk that live in Philly .. nuts .. just f..ing nuts ... I would die during a winter there ... plus I am a bit tired of helping out my friend here .. I need my space ... everyone have a GREAT week .. PEACE OUT !!!!!

Sept 25th, 2011 .. just got a post on facebook that indicated gthat at least one person in Hawaii is keeping track of my blog .. wow .. I bettah do a bettah job of keeping up to date. During the last 3 weeks I have seen 3 different people from the Big Island, and yesterday spent time at the Pacific Islander Festival here. Sadly, just like everything here in California, just insane with too many people ... the parking lots near the event were full by 9 AM, an hour before opening .. gthen parking was available 5 miles away with shuttle buses running .. I now remember why I left Ca the first morning of my reirement, and will be better at avoiding Island fever when I get back to Hawaii next year. Hawaii will most likely be my true home next year .... peace out

Sept 17th, 2011 .. Just a nice Saturday, went to a local car show .. then down to Balboa Park to check out the Senior Games .. watching 60 and 70 yearolds play volleyball and basketball, both men and women ain't pretty .. so then off the Pala Casino for a real car show and some gaming ... during the 2 hours there lost about $280, and then leaving stopped at one more machine ... hit 4 of a kind and a flush, cashed out with $280 ... whew a push visit Peace Out

Sept 15th, 2011 .. Just another day at the office, so to speak .. did go out to Safari Park again, this time to see the Cheetah Run .. impressive and beautiful, see pix and video here on mauiwow ..... otherwise not much going on ... peace out

Sept 11th, 2011 .. golly .. chilly at night already (60F) brrr still very warm day time, 80s, watching some football and Formula 1 Race .. then will drive 88 miles up the coast for the finish of the Catalina to Newport Dunes canoe race ... a few of my BI friends are on the Livestrong team from the BI who should win the race, and I will meet them at the finish ... otherwise same old same old ... peace out

Sept 6th, 2011 .. same ole same ole shit .. had a acupuncture visit today, doc said I have had six sessions .. let's taake 3 weeks off ahnd see if there are any results .. if not then this won't work .. I don't have high hopes .. the neuropathy is still getting slightly worse all the time ... tomorrow I swallow a tiny camera and have electrodes hooked up so the images can be captured ona small computer strapped to my waist .. am fasting now and soon will go through that terrible intestine purging procedure ... ugh I hate this ... visited the Zoo again on Sunday .. had fun and finally made it to the gorillas .. really cool stuff ... will go to the wild animal park late this week to watch the cheetah run ... they let it chase a fake bait for 100 yards .. and they say the animal gets to 70 MPH .. should be impressive ... thew local canoe club is having a Hoolaulea Sept 24th along with a regatta .. I plan on checking that out ... and up in LA the following weekend is the annual Lithuanian Days celebration .. so I have a few thihngs to do ... and living situation is taxing ... oh well no good deed goes unpunished Peace Out

Sept. 2nd, 2011 .. wow, had a great morning at the San Diego Wildlife Safari yesterday .. 1,8000 acres of land with all types of animals in natural habitats ... cheetahs, lions, girraffes, Rhinos .. etc etc .. was really cool and I will re visit a few more times .. see pics on this site .. then got an email from my friend Bill H and am looking forward to seeing him in Hawaii some time soon .. miss my Aliicove friends .. good times .. oh and this morning drove out to the craftmanship museum to see a 1/6 th scale Dusenberg with working engine .. must be 2,000 hours of work in the thing .. was really cool .... Peace Out

Aug 31st, 2011 .. Really?? August is over .. can't be ... this has been my fastet summer ever ... WOW .. nothing new .. acupuncture etc .. had a WONDERFUL day at the San Diego Zoo today with my Hawaii friend Cindy and her daughter in law and grand daughter. I was on my feet a bit too much, but had a great time and got the lay of the land.See pix on the site here. I have a pass good for 12 months admission .. so I will visit at least 4 more times and spend time at places that interest me that we just flew by today .. we were only there from 9 AM til noon. I will spend more time at these next time ... Polar Bears, Elephants, Koalas and didn't see gorillas this time .. hmmm??? Holy crap here is Sept ... oh well .... will probably go somewhere else in 4 to 6 months, and Hawaii is still in the mix .. at least for a visit for 6 months ???????????????????????????????????????????? we will see Peace Out

Aug 25th, 2011 .. not much new going oan ... had a nice day at Del Mar Racetrack last week and a few good days at Barona .. but ....... Barona got me back yesterday .. but hey it was only the few hundred I won at Del Mar .. so no real damage done .. getting smoking hot here now, will be using AC for the first time today ... why not ?? electric rates here are about 1/4 of Hawaii's .. shoot last mos electric/gas bill was less than $40 .. cheapest month in Hawaii not using air was $115 ... lunch with friends today .. acupucture tomorrow and a visit to the "craftmanship museum" which has amazing minitures a I am told .. then a loop to just stop in and visit the Pala, Pauma, Rincon and Valley View casinos ... ha ha ha .. just to keep my player card points current ha ha ha ...and Moday mornong picking up a Hawaii friend from the club at the airport and deliviering to who knows where ... oh yeah .. remind me not to help to many friends out of financial woes .. Peace Out

Aug 18th, 2011 .. ooops had the wrong date on yesterday's blog entry .. now fixed .. nothing new today .. acupuncture, and a long session at that .. then a call from the Gastro doc ... nothing of any real interest from the scoping from both ends ha ha ha ... so next step, I get to swallow a small camera in a few weeks, and carry a pager shaped device that will record pictures of the section of the GI tract that the scopes couldn"t reach kinda amazing .. and good news .. I don't need to try to recover the camera .. I wonder if I can ask the doc to see the pics after I errrrr get it out of my body and check the condition of the sewer system at my condo ... some errands to run tomorrow, and minor fixes at the condo .. and a boring weekend planned so far .. I am waiting for an annual pass for the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park Adventure, and will be visiting those .. and the wild animal park pass gives me free parking and tram and skyway rides for the year .. sooo I thinx me be going there a bunch of times just to pass the time .. as a footnote, I will give the weekly Acupuncture about 3 months for any kind of change .. if none then it will cease ... that is all ... hope all 2 of my blog readers have anice weekend Peace Out

Aug 17th, 2011 .. wow how time flies if you are doing nothing special ... just still having weekly pin cushion, I mean acupuncture sessions .. about 30 needles in each side in feet and ankles and legs ... Monday had an endoscopy .. no remarkable results so far .. waiting for biopsy results, but don't expect anything ... so medically lots of appointments, but no new news ... had a fun 2 hours at the Barona casino last week .. made some money and yesterday had a fun afternoon at Del Mar Racetrack with some friends and cashed a few tickets ... a rare winning day at the track ... so that is it for now ... same oh same oh .. but glad to be waking up every day :-) Peace out

Aug 6th, 2011.. OK nothing much going on .. collecting lab samples for one doc, having weekly accupuncture for my legs .. and today I will start having a rromie for the first time in about 7 years .. I will have to make some adjustments and some minor sacrafices, but splitting the rent will come in very handy for the next 6 mos or longer .. and damn it, put back 10 lbs of the 35 I had lost, so here we go again on a fairly strict self imposed diet ... need to look bettah ha ha ha .. only in Austin have I lived this far from the water ... probably about 8 miles whereas before couple hundred feet. B ecause of that it gets warmer here .. about 88 today, in Manhattan beach it ishigh 72 .. it has always amazed me what a few miles can do ... OK at 2PM we get some furniture and the settling process will be coming to fruition .. Peace Out ... have a GREAT DAY ..

July 30th, 2011 .. spent the weekend up in Manhattan Beach to visit with the Manhattan Beach Surf Festival. featuring the 50th 6man/6woman volleyblll tourney, forever a very important tounament to the volleyball world .. it was reall cool, and check out the picturs to see the crowds .. it took 50 years and lots of security and a circle of barriers around the entire avenue, and people could not even bring in bottled water due to security's understanding of what vball players will do to get booze in, to for once keep drinking out of the venue. Over the years it did get out of hand .. sooo this year they managed to reallly keep the booze out about 90%, but that moved the partying and boozing, which started at 7AM to all the Strand homes and the streets all around the venue .. by noon, drunks everywhere .. but the v ball was good and fun and saw, as always some people I haven't seen in years .. only problem was that because of my neuropathy, walking on the sand for 20 minutes, and my legs were shot, and I had to sit an rest a few times and getting back to the car hurt .. oh well working on that too .. Mon accupuncture .. Sunday went down for a while and watched the semis ... really good games .. these guys and gals are awesome V Ball players ... then Dim Sum with my best friend and his family, wife ARLEEN AND DAUGHTERS CHLOE AND ERIN .. sorry about the caps, but I will not re type lol .. a great lunch it was, the food and the comapany and conversation .. just love them .. OK off to watch the Hungarian Formula 1 Practice, Qualifying and Race which I have DVRED .. peace out ...

July 28th 2011 .. wow .. got my monthly package of my mail forwarded to me from TX .. at first nothing big .. a $3 medical bill from Hawaii, costco flier ... some retirement stuff .. insurance solicitations .. and then .. bada bing .. a letter from the County telling me I ignored my first jury summons, and that if I didn't respond right away a warrant might be issued .. damn .. I rehearsed what I was going to say (ie lie) .. called up, got a young man .. gave him the info and told him I was on extended travel for a few more years .. took him about 45 sec, and then he said it was all taken care of, and to toss the card. WHEW .. goood for another period of time lol .. peace out :-)

July 26th .. it starts .. had my first real doctor visit today .. endoscopy in a few weeks .. collection of a few various lab samples and tests next few weeks ... appointment to meet a new General Practitioner .. I am told I need a main Dr .. an appointment wirh pain specialist to set up a epidural shot between l4 and l5 for degenerating and bulging disc which may add to neuopathy .. and Monday start a series of acupuncture sessions at $100 per pop .. of course not covered by medicare .. F**ers but otherwise the weather is nice ha ha ha ... my potential roomie is closing escrow soon and may move in about Aug 4th ... that will certainly help cash flow .. since April 1st with the road trip etc, I have spent a lot of cash ... tons of cash .. but that is what it is there for no??? anyhow that is it for the short update ..... peace out

July 20th, 2011 .. still nothing really new to report .. awaiting my potential roomie to close escrow and move in to help lower my monthly costs and get some furniture in here .. made hotel reservation for July 30th up in Manhattan Beach .. going up for the annual 6 man volleyball tourney ... a special event for some 50 years .. probably about 3200 participants .. most in costume and some very good players .. a very special event ... I will post photos Julu 31st .. peace out

July 13th .. nothing new to report, just still settling in and more and more realizing that going back to Hawaii might be what I really want to do in about a year or so ... it may be boring at times, but so can life here ... just saying ..

July 8th, 2011 .. OK busy day today .. finally broke down and decided to use the AC .. 5 years in Hawaii and I never needed gthe AC on but here in San Diego .. yup .. I am too old not to be comfortable in my own pad .. :-) and whammo the programable thermostat kaput .... so afrter some internet research and 2 trips to Home Depot .. ready for a DYI project .. label the 6 wires .. turn off the power to the heat pump take the old one apart and another whammo .. sparks and a shock .. oh the 24 volt power wire isn't controlled by the AC breaker .. bzzzzzz shocking .. but managed to get all hooked up and AC is on ... and more than the temperature I think it takes the humidity out .. nice .. oh and since I left Hawaii and am not paddling .. I think I have put on a few Lbs that I had lost .. so back on a strict diet until I reach my goal ... nothing much else going on .. the San Diego ukelele festival is next Thr, Fri and Sat .. I guess I'll go down for a few hours in my Keauhou Club shirt ... OK gotta go, just about tie for a Friday nite adult beverage .. Peace Out

July 4th, 2011 .. Hope everyone is having a GREAT fouth, but I have to say I am just blown away and angry. I just watched a you tube video of a guy interviewing 20 something beach goers in San Diego and asked them questions like who'd America get Independence from and why we celebrate July 4th .. Amazing these morons have NO idea .. none whatsoever ... this coountry has totally dumbed up and goner to the shitter. No wonder people vote for the things they do, they are mererly lemmings, doing as they are told .. anyhow on my front, not much going on, I suspect I will way over spend for one more month before I start saving a bit again. Gastroenterologist on July 26th .. and this week I will start working out somehow .. I have done zip excersise for 3 months now, where I used to at least paddle 3 times a week before. Oh yeah the update on AT&T Tv .. they lazy ass tech stood me up and lied as to why I couldn't have Uverse, so eneded up getting time warner with all its limitations .. oh well , screwed again !!!! OK back to my James Bond marathon Peace out !!!!!

June 27th, 2011 .. OK I am waiting calmly for the AT&T guy to get here to hook up my U Veres, which will supposedly give me great TV with a DVR that can record 4 shows at a time, and blazing internet .. I hope so, as I have been going stir crazy without my daily evening TV and my internet. I have been able to get someone's router about 10% of the time and it is snail slow and unreliable. So, after a week and a half, I am learning my way around the area, I miss everything being close like in Kailua, and actually miss the activities I had daily in Kailua. The friend who will be my roomie for the forseeable future just went into escrow on his house, so I expect he will be moving in within a few weeks. The place I moved into has a washer and dryer, but the dryer sqeals like 10 stuck pigs, so I tried to fix it ... took it all apart, found a mouse nest with 5 teeeeny babies in it, the nest got tossed over the back fence as far as I coulod heave it .. ugh .. and when I put it all back together, the f**er still squeals .. waaaa .. I will call the owner in a few days ... until I get things all settled, I am bored and do not have all the furniture I need yet etc .. but things will be OK for a while in a while ... that AT&T guy has 50 more minutes before I go down and make a scene ... damn it ..... more later Peace Out

June 20th, 2011 .. some delays in having a stressless few months .. the place I am moving into had a small problem, and I don't know when it will be OK for me to move in, then I need to get my bed delivered, and recliner, and then AT&T won't hook my U Verse up for TV and internet until July 1st ... I am not sure I will survive until then lol .. I am slowly picking up various needed things .. sheets, hangers, all variety of things a home needs to work .. soaps, foodstuffs, dishes, knives forks etc etc ... I maybe calling my friends for a loan .. things are spendy ... so anyhow here it is Monday, waiting for my new landlord to call and say ... come on down ... but for now .. I will take my book over to McDonald's for a senior coffee and a bit of casual reading .. a new author, David Rosenfelt .. I find him very entertaining ......... OUT for now

June 16th, 2011.. OK.. found a place that I will share with my friend .. I will move in this coming Monday, or Tuesday if there is no bed yet .. I have to buy a bed, recliner, scanner printer, bedding, poas dishes etc etc etc $$$$$$ .. get gas, elec and cable hooked up and hope my friend sells his home soon, as I will pay the full nut til then .. 2 bd 2 ba in Sabre Hills ...... once moved in, Dr appointment and rest peace out

June 15th, 2011 .. OK had a very nice lunch with my old Konaweb favorite lady, Cathy Thomas, hadn't seen her in almost 6 years .. we used to go to Konaweb parties together for a few years .. and now I am in San Diego, and tomorrow am going to look for a place to live here .. I want to be here for at least 6 months to get medical stuff done, and I also plan to room with a long time friend of mine once he sells his home .. we both need to reduce living expenses, and rooming together will certainly do that .. so doing what I hate to do tomorrow, look for a place to live ... I sure will be glad to have a place of my own, even though it will be a rental .. just hanging out .. I had a great 2 1/2 months travelling, but will enjoy not spending a good portion of each day in the ole Saturn ... get to watch my favorite TV shows again ... and just chill ... Peace Out

June 14th 2011 .. OK am staying tonite in Valencia to have lunch tomorrow with an old konaweb sweetie here ... then .. oh I should say .. vegas is currentluy not an option to live for me .. too many derelicts and too hot and too much like Pflugerville .. lol .. I think I will rent a place in San Diego area, probably near Poway for a 6 mo or 1 yr to have a University near by for 2 months of health shit .. and then who knows. ... got a call from my triathelete friend Thomas .. they bought unit J2 in Aliicove in Kona and were asking about me renting it .. I will wait to see the dates available and decide .... I am also thinking about trying to spend a few winter monthe in Cozumel .. Corki says it is great .... peace out

June 11th, 2011 .. a very interesting day on many levels ... first I forgot what a long and twisty drive it is from Fresno to Glacier Point, and they should not let campers that are wider then the road in the darn Parks .... anyhow, my favorite view in the world did not disappoint, and if you check out the pictures and video you'd have to agree ... then the drive back all I could think about is now I need to decide what to do .. and I have so many thoughts and options running thru my feable brain ... shit I am lost ... I think tomorrow I will drive to Vegas, and look for a place to rent for a few months while I look into buying, or if I can get my British Airways ticket to somewhere I'll do that .. hell .. a short term rental for 3 or so months cannot be a bad decision ... can it???? And fianlly, I found out just how limited I am in walking ... the walk from my car to Glacier Point and back was near my limit, my legs were screaming by the time I got to the car ... any further and I would have had to rest for 15 mionutes or so, so the pain would go away ... so again off to do what I really hate .. looking for a place to live ... my home ... PEACE OUT

June 8th thru June 10th 2011 .. OK June 8th was a pleasant and un eventful drive from Page to Laughlin .. weather perfect .. sunny warm .. just like I want it .. Laughlin about 94, and after my doc appointment at 11 will try to get some pool timwe and get back that color I have lost .. I will only gable a bit, as I have lost near my limit during the last 3 months .. and I hate gambling at Harrah's the tight ass bastards .. so rerading and TV this afternoon and evening, and as I said .. Doctor and pool tomorrow, plus a visit to Herb over at the Tropicana, we have know herb the barkeep there for many many years .. then a good night's sleep .. and a trip to Hesperia via the Costco at Victorville for gas and batteries for my camera ... cannot run out at a photo op you know ... that is the repot for the 8th .. will add more tomorrow and post when I have internet access .... the 9th AM ... had my mandatory $80 cup of coffee .. did I mention I hate Harrah's .. I put $80 into a 25 cent video poker machine and in les than 5 minutes out of credits .. got 2 pair 3 times out of 67 hands .. come on you greedy bastards let me play for a while and THEN take my money ... Oh Well I am killing time before my 10:45 podiatrist appointment .. just some preventative care as I am gun shy about any wound on my foot for obvious reasons .. I don't ever want to be in a hospital with an infection again !!!!! The weather here in Laughlin is nice and toasty, and I hope to be poolside by noon for a few hours, then check in at the Tropicana to get $20 in free play and a free buffet ..not sure if I will use the room ... I will check it out about 3 PM ... out for now VK quick up date, the Podiatrist appt went great .. he was really nice and caring, used a scalpel to remove all this callouse material that was impeding healing and all is well .. very happy I am .. .. June 10th .. got up at 4 AM, I guess that happens when you fall asleep at 8:30PM lol ... got the early bird breakfast and left Laughlin got to Lucerne Lake at about 11, and watched rocket launches for about an hour .. not really too exciting, and just sitting in the hot sun seemed silly to me ... I guess the action may be better tomorrow, burt I decided to cancel my local hoteel, and book it towards Yosemite .. and so here I sit at a Best Western in Fresno, ready to go to Glacier point tomorrow and then ???? Peace out

June 8th ... off line for a few days f*ing Harrah's Laughlin, or for that matter Harrah's anywhere has no free WiFi ... so until I check in to a real hotel on Friday no internet ..... but there will be no pix as I will be chillin' in Laughlin .. and if I hit a royal I'll pay for internet ha ha ha

June 7th ... 2011 .. A wondeful day ... Natural Bridges National Monument, Goosenecks State Park and Glen Canyon/Lake Powell/Page .. all repeats but all stunning none the less, but I am having problems getting the pix on my site .. I may have reached my size limit, but there shouldn't be one ... working it more later OK OK .. damn it .. after almost an hour of re do re do change this and change that .. well in the error msg I have been getting over and over again, I finally look close, and I see a space between the album name and the last forward slash .... arrrrg the space was it all along .. re do album without the final space in the file name and whoopee it works ... I feel pretty dumb .. arrg ..today's weather was perfect everywhere I went .. and now in Page it is a nice 93 degrees and no wind ... I hope you have fun looking at the pictures, and there are only a few with natural bridges in them, and sometimes hard to find .. as a matter of fact they are hard to see in person until you find them ... I have an owie on my toe, and because of my neuropathy am paranoid about it .. it is not getting bettah .. so I have made an appointment with a podiatrist in Bullhead City Thursday at 7:45 AM .. so as long as there is no infection etc until then, I should be ok and fixed .. not that kinda fixed .. not that is would mnatter LOL .. I really wish everyone could have the kinda travel days I have had during the last 2 months .. just a few bummers, but overall just a great experience ... and you should see all the senoirs driving their rented RVs ... I mean thousands of them .. I have seen this one comapny's name on RVs at least 500 times ... and the Europeans are out in force .. I have almost, and I say almost, stopped trying to make small talk with people at the parks .. seven or eight times I get ...we no speak Engish .. we French or German or whatever .. And I say good for them to be able to see this great country .... the highlite of my drive today was oane thing I have done 3 times now and the pucker factor is still the same ... after leaving Bridges and a 40 minute drive you arrive at the top of a 1100 ft high mesa .. and I mean almost straight down .. the sign says "10% grade, 5 mph switchbacks, narrow gravel rd next 3 miles" and I mean you are on a steep narrow dirt road wiothout guard rails and a 1000 ft drop, I mean like I said I have done this 3 times and it grabs your attention ... whew .. but thrillinng too go to 37.275812, -109.939005 in google earth or google .... peace out tie for a toddy or Bloody Mary, or a dry dry martini yeah that is it dry martini

June 6th, 2011 .. Well here we go .. got going 8AM and made good time towards Arches .. a slight delay as a rancher was using trhe highway to herd his cattle to high ground .. it was fun weaving thru the herd ... then made Arches .. was great the only negative was that the fires in AZ were causing lots of smakoe and it was hazy in the AM and worse as the day went on because of high winds .. drove thru a few dust storms .. woo woo .. F*ing AT&T made it impossible for me to post pictures to facebook in a timely manner.. they should be ashamed to have such poor service in and around out National Parks .. come on AT&T .. well shit .. in about 15 months my contract expires and good bye AT&T .. hello anyone else who has iPhones then .. anyhow then on to Canyonlands .. WOW sooo much pucker factor looking straigght down over 1000 ft ... wow wow WOW ... and more of the same at Dead Horse Point State Park .. just awesome .. rewally windy this afternoon .... am hunkering down in Monticello for the night and off to Natural Bridges etc in the AM ... this has been another banner tourist day LOL love and Peace out

June 5th, 2011 .. Last day in Durango ... going to a music event at some hot springs spa .. out on the grass, picnic and eat and listen to some local bands .. six of them I think .. then starting tomorrow morning 3 heavy driving and touring days .. and hopefully the weather will be A OK ... the mountain weather is hard for me .. nice days in the 80s and cold ass nights in the high 30s or low 40s ... I have to admit I have become kinda a Island boy .. spoiled .. but bruddah, I will adapt .. I am keeping up with stuff on the Big Island .. but not as much as I used to .. during the last 2 months I have spent just under 2 weeks in Durango, and am almost a local nowv .. I really know my way around this tiny little town ... scary ... they already know me at the local market and Lotto places .. ha ha ha ... anyhow I am getting geared up for tomorrow's drive .... Later Gaters ..

June 2nd, 2011 .. Just spent a few hours planning out the next few weeks or so .. Monday .. Arches NP and Dead Horse State Park and Canyonlands NP, sleeping in Monticello .. Tuesday Natural Bridges, Goosenecks and a few other minor attractions, sleeping in Page .. Wednesday Page thru Flagstaff to Laughlin for 2 days .. then off to Hesperia for 2 nights as I plan to attend the rocketry launches Fri and Sat ... then loose plans to go see places like Sequoia and King's Canyon and revist the awesome Morro Rock in Sequoia .. so looks like a few weeks of lots of driving and lots of money being spent on lodging and GAS ... then thinking about settling down, but will do trips to Reno etc ... we will see .. Peace Out .. asta la vista ... don't think .. DO

June 1st, 2011 .. OK Durango is an interesting place .. really small town, that depends on tourism, much like Kailua. People visiting Mesa Verde NP stay here, and the town is choked with cars and buses with rafts, many cars have Kayaks on top, and even more have bikes. There are not many real jobs here, an=gain similar to Kailua. There are a lot of street people and a whole lot of "hippies" living in their cars and doing the alternate life style of working as rafting leads in the spring, kayakers later, and skiers in winter .. but really drop outs from "normal" society ... Being a mountain town, and people say this is an unsusual year,but temps can vary from day to day with a high one day of 39 and 85 the next ... hard on me :-) Making arrangements to be at Lucerne Lake Bed next weekend to watch the National Association of Rocketry's big launch weekend ... tons of rockets .. might be fun .. so planning to leave Durango either Fri or Mon .. see some National monuments or Parks along the way to Flagstaff .. and then a few nights in Laughlin, and then a few nights in Hesperia , near lucerne. Then perhaps an attempt to find a place to settle for a while in Vegas area???? Later Gator !!!

May 30th .. Well yesterday, made the drive from Loveland ( about 50 miles North of Denver) to Durango, an all day drive, but a pretty one, and one I am glad I made yesterday, as today 50 mile an hour gusts .. whew, close call, snoe=w in the passes too .. but here in Durango it is cool today, but was very warm yesterday and tomorrow and the rest of the week too. That means the Animas river which flows right through town is just all rapids .. there are about 50 rafting companies here and they are making hay while the rivier flows wild .. I am trying to collect oinfo and make plans for the immediate future, and I need to settle for a few months so I can follow up on the gastro issue I have and the instructions from my doc in Kona, to find a university town, spend a few months there and have a bunch of tests she has outlined done .. I really need to do this as this probblem affects my ability to travel with no cares .. that is all for now .. Peace out

May 28th .. Another monster day .. early drive to Mt Rushmore .. very nice and as I left the crowds were building ... then Crazy Horse .. disappointing .. paid $10 for nothing .. should have taken some pix from the hwy ... what a rip off, and after 63 years of effort, not much to show but a huge Indian Museum with lots of trinkets for sale ... DOH .. oh yeah .. started the day walking around Rapid City's downtown, where they have bronze statues on every corner of all the presidents .. kinda cool .. then of course ended with a trip to Flintstone village ... yabba dubba doo .. then decisions, decided to hoof it back to Durango to rest and save a few bucks .. besides hotels this week was about $70 per day for gas alone .. so made it to Loveland CO .. hunkering down for the night , and tomorrow 400 miles to Durango and 3 days of rest and planning .... whew .. this is fun though ....... Peace Out .... Vytas

May 27th .. where to begin .. up early in Cheyenne, and off to Gillette .. a really nice 4 hour drive, then I realzied I didn't do my homework, not only was Devil's Tower 60 miles away, and on the way to Rapid city ... so I drove out to Devil's Tower .. and the whole drive was great .. so much scenery .. I didn't know so much coal was mined here .. I saw at least 15 trains .. all fully loaded with coal and each over a mile long .. passed many coal companies and did see one open pit mine WOW .. also logging is done here in WY .. I just didn't know ... and after leaving Devil's Tower I canceled my Gillette Reservation and made one in Rapid City so I wouldn't back track over 50 miles that I would have to repeat the next day .. so all in all, a close to 500 mile driving day, but filled with beautiful scenery and a $60 win in Deadwood ha ha ha .. The Best Western I checked into put my out in the last room of 99, and I couldn't get a Wifi signal .. so I got upgraded to a 3 bedroom suite way in front .. good Wifi too again ... ha ha ha the weather is calling for Thunder Storms .. but as long as there are breaks in tha action I will be OK .. Still don't know what to do after these next few days ????????????????????????????????????? Oh yeah, there was also more Virga in the sky then I have ever seen, if you don't know what virga is ... look it up lol ..... and finally, we havew a huge country full of wide open spaces ... there were times I was all alone on the planet ... Peace Out

May 25 .. more .. just spent 2 1/2 hours with an old high school and Ucla classmate and team mate and his lovely wife .. been about 41 years since I have talked to Dr. Dick Glucksman, quite a great trip down memory lane, and also another reminder how blessed some of us are .. Dick is doing so well, and I am happy to see it ... we had many fun basketball moments and also many mutual friends that we caught up on ... another just special evening for me ... thanx you guys .... Peace Out

May 25th .. PM .. A Long day in the car, but wow spectacular scenery ... wow .. here I sit in Denver getting ready to have drinks with an old team mate from UCLA days ... haven't seen him in 41 years or so .. should be fun .. this trip is turning out to be a lot of fun for me .. you should all try one like this ... Peace Out

May 24th 2011 .. PM .. OK lots of facebook Birthday wishes .. thank you all .. means a lot to have you remember my B Day .. you will never know .. OK off to Denver tomorrow .. a 6 hour driving day .. then Lunch with an old high school basketball teammate, and another with a volleyball friend who now is the play by play guy for the Denver Nuggets ... then another big drive .. only bad news is, looks like thunder storms the 2 or 3 days I'll be in South Dakota .. and during the next few days need to come up with more plans .. right now I have none ... Peace Out

May 22nd, 2011 .. first Kathy, sorry I missed your call yesterday .. was getting some culture .. anyhow the entertainment yesterday was reall great .. kinda a Durango version of circus soleil, but all with local talent .. and talent is was .. WOW WOW is all I can say, the entire troupe was great and acrobatic and amazing .. plus I fell in love with the leading lady aww I wish I could see her again ;-( .. and this morning took off for Mesa Verde National Park .. I have been here at least 3 times I think, but just awe inspiring like most of our Parks are .. you are up at 7,000 foot elevation, and some vistas are it seems hundreds of miles. and then the cliff dwellings are also amazing .. thoses Anazasi must have come from outer space LOL .. so all in all a nice few days .. life is grand .. peace out

May 21st, 2011 ... rapture day .. but everything is still here as am I ... I hope when I go out .. I don't find all my friends gone to heaven, and me here all by myself with other non-heaven qualified folk ... there are iclicles on my car's roof rack this morning, but a warming trend is coming, and more sun, and snow flurries will become drizzle ... yeah !!! going to a play tonite, and this afternoon a health screening by lifeline to see if my arteries are semi OK ... then I will try to visit Mesa Verde tomorrow, and rest for 2 more days and leave Durango with sunny weather ahead .. this pause in Durango has been very good for my mental health .. I think LOL ... peace out .....

May 18th, 2011 .. having fun spending time with my old friend Grambo .. for a few reasons .. he is a great guy and very interesting, and we have been friends for about 40 years since we played volleyball ... here in Durango it is not snowing, but I really hadn't thought I'd be wearing sweatshirts and pants .. and winter jackets .. ha ha ha .. but it really isn't bad ... in many ways Durango is like Kona .. it is a small town with small town athmoshphere, and also has a sports/activities type feel, with skiers, hikers, kayakers etc ... and it is a pretty spot surrounded by mountains .. many of which are still snow capped .. will clean up some of the messiness in my car today, and re pack some of the bags that are all un organized now ... my chores for today .. and get gas for the car and later watch the basketball playoffs and just chill ... kinda nice ... not yet sure when I will leave for Denver .. nice weather seems to be another week out .. but I can take off sometime ion the next week as well .. we will see ... and I really enjoy keeping a little in touch with my neice and nephews via facebook .. I did enjoy connecting with them .. ok I guess enough rambling for today .... have a GREAT day everyone ... over and out ...

May 16th PM .. wow what a day .. started off so nice at the Grand Canyon .. spectacular vistas .. then decided to get a good star on the long trip to Durango .. a mile out of the Canyon Village all traffic stopped .. there was an accident up the road bus vs car ... hundreds of us just turned off our cars and started chatting .. about an hour later you could see men all up and down the road going into the bushes to pee .. after 2 hours women were going too ...finally after 3 hours of sitting in the forest we got moving, and I under estimmated how long the drive was .. well over 450 miles ..... sooo a very long driving day .... so I will really appreciate a few down days here in Durango. I am pretty sure I've spent about $200 in the last few days on gas alone ... the weather is getting here cool top cold tonite and more of the same for at least 2 or 3 days ... oh yeah, and I took a class in Utah ... in 6 weeks I should have my concealed carry permit good in 32 States. Utah is a real gun state ... Peace Out ... phew !!!!

May 15th PM ... got out of Chino early in the rain, but by Palm Springs had sun ... drove to Havasu city 87 and beautiful .. tried to get a room, but could not find anything I wanted so sat at the beach for an hour tanned and read .. then decided to make tracks to Kingman, just to cover ground .. way windy all the way .. and at Kingman looked at a few places to stay, but way to grungy for how I feel .. so decided to try to make Flagstaff, and along the way decided to stop at Williams ... so tomorrow I can decide if I want to see the Grand Canyon .. which I have many times, or do something else, ..., the morning and the weather will decide for me ... feeling good ...... peace out PS 458 MILES OF DRIVING TODAY

May 15th AM .. OK the weather has caught up with me ... rain in LA .. sooo I will try to outrun it heading to either Havasu City or Kingman .. depending on how tired I get and when ... hope I can get out of the rain within an hour or so .. then it looks like I will have weather hovering over me no matter where I get .. soo just hoping to get to Durango where I can wait out the stuff for a number of days .. what ever, it is still all good, except I am now starting to wonder where I will settle in a month or so????????????????????????????????????????????

May 14th .. I had a great time at the air show with my old roomie from years ago and his son and his friends at the Chino Airport .... VIP Passes ... and VIP Parking ... SWEET ... and I never tire of watchiong the old warbirds fly .. the sound of those big radial engines .. WOW ... and what a rare collection of planes .. many last of the type flying .. or almost the last just beautiful, and it was fun catching up with Dave my old roomie ... a pretty good day all in all ... PEACE OUT

May 14th AM 2011 ... getting ready for Chino Air Show Planes of Fame today. 2 sets of extra batteries for camera1 ,.. check..., extra camera .. check ...feeling bettah ... check ... up at 4 AM .. must have fallen asleep about 8:30 last night .. exciting life eh ???After the show 1 more night here then out towards my friend's house in Durango .. figure 3 days to get there, then if he'll let me .. 4 or 5 days of chillin' and repacking the car ... then off towards Denver and Mt Rushmore ... then hell if I know ha ha ha Peace out .. iki pasimatimo ...

May Friday the 13th .. ugh .. as great as the last few days have been, this morning was a disaster ... got up .. had breakfast at the motel's lobby .. packed and hit the road toward Mammoth Lakes .. 15 min out, I felt like a bomb was going off in my stomach, and it was so bad I nearly passed out .. chills sweat .. and pain .. finally got to a bathroom and barely made it ... then the rest of the day i was uneasy and stomach hurt .. I just ate some food and we'll see ... the drive wasw interesting however ... I have never driven 395 from the Sierras to Hesperia .. man I passed Solar Energy Generating Systems (SEGS) the largest solar energy generating facility in the world. It is huge .. and tghen there are towns like Johannasburg .. little clusters of Red Neck type villages with broken down trailers and cars .. and then lots of nothing .. then near the end just before Hysperia is the town of Adelanto which houses a large commercial airliner boneyard/storage facility ... many many big planes just sitting there .. too far to photo though .. then of course 2 wrecks on the downhill run of Cajon Pass .. I hate Los Angeles and vacinity traffic .. the morniong after the air show .. I am out of here .. Peace Out

May 12th update ... change of plans watching the news here in Bishop cold snowy weather headed for Tahoe/Reno Sat evening and Sunday .. so cancelled my res at the Grand Sierra, and now am working on plan D ... hell I might even get back for the Chino Air Show and then go East

May 12th 2011, 6PM .. here I am all checked in at an Inn in Bishop CA .. what a day ... beautiful drive thru Death Valley, vivited Dante's View a farvorite of mine .. and some other little stops .. you always forget how spectacular the vistas are, even at places you have been many times .... so much Eye candy today, then leaving DV, the Sierras covered with snow .. and outside temp 85 .. special special stuff ... gonna pour a drink and look at the maps for upcoming days .. I have booked 2 free nights at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno .. but we will see what happens tomorrow and Sat. But let it be said today was a KEEPER of a day fun fun fun .. all but the gas bill ..... PEACE OUT .. hopefully more ramblings tomorrow from the Big Kid .... Me

May 11th No WiFi today .. starting out again .. will spend the night near Vegas nd head off early for Death Valley and then I am not sure . I wll for sure not head out towards Denver etc for at least a week .. I think ... so nothing of note to report, except I had a very nice stay with my Sis and her family ... there are all kinds of personalities, but I love them all .. and Win the dog lovesw me too ... it is always good to reconnect with family lost ... I feel good about it thanx gang .. peace out Vytas

May 9th .. gpot caught in a snowstorm .. got stuck driving for an hour with about 3 inches on the road, couldn''t see anything .. then for the last 45 minutes followed in a Semi's tracks at 35 MPH in an 80 zone with flasher's going .. scary hour .. back at sis's for 2 days waiting for bettah weather later V

May 8th .. OK .. what day is it?? Oh yeah Sunday May 8th .. just spent the last few days in St George Utah with my Sis and some of her family.. It was actually really good for the soul to re connect with Al, Liana, Trev (a first connect) Giedre, Dairus ...and of course the 3 dogs .. I really do like dogs and they liked me .. whew .. My Sis is doing well and like I said I had a good feeling about the whole deal, and plan to stop by on my return trip for sure ..while in Utah I was told they were a real gun friendly State, and if you take a 4 hour class and pay your fees, even an out of state dude can get a concealed carry permit .. of course not good in CA, but good in 33 states .. so I did it, and in 2 mos will have my CCW permit ... I may have to swing by my resident state of TX and buy a new gun ... then this morning left St George and did a casual drive thru Zion and then visited Bryce .. man it is amazing how you forget how spectacular those places are .. I put up a few pix, and am uploading a video that you can find on mauiwow's table of albums ... Utah has the most spectacular vistas in the world I think .. right now I am in a kinda scary town Richfield UT ... .... I don't know what it is .. but it is scary .. kinda white trashy .. but hey .. the room is cheap .. ha ha ha ... once I get this all posted will plan tomorrow .. I think places like Natural Bridges and Arches etc Peace Out ... Vytas

May 7th early AM ... spent the second 1/2 of yesterday re connecting with my Sis and parts of her family living here in St George Utah. It has been good ... and the vistas here are just stunning .. I have always thought Utah has some of the best and beautiful geography. This morning they are running a full Ironman here .. second year .. and I need to figure out trafic as I have to be somewhere at 10 AM and gthe bike course runs right thru were I am staying .. my 10 O'clock is a training class of about 2 hours after which I will get my concealed carry permit that is recognized in 31 States ... I always wanted a CC permit and now I will have one .. I will just have to stay out of Calif ... anyhow off to shower up .. and oh yeah .. it is going to take this big Hawaiian type kid a while for my body to adjust to near zero humidity .. peace out ..

May 5th PM .. at the Rio and played the machines just a little bit .. it is so obvious all of Harrah's properties have programed their video poker to be in a total take mode for hours at a time v.. I mean you will lose 15 hands in a row, push one and lose 15 again ... then maybe for 20 min out of efery 6 hours you can play a while simply have taken all the fun out .. I am all but done with Harrah's of any kind and gambling too .. on the brite side had fun at Hover Dam .. it still impresses .. and lake Mead too .. but wow .. you can see lots of snow on the mountains even from vegas, and I assume that is why the lake lewvel is so low, they expect lots of snow melt this year .. and cannot start with a nearly full dam ... and a beaut of a day today too ... not too hot but almost .... and a good nite to all .... ps have no Idea when I can get this posted .. no free WiFi here at Rio ..... bastards lol .. and a great shout out to my best National Park Buddy Mike Louie with whom I have visited dozens of National Parks .. Mikey .. as I was driving along Lake Mead "Cherry Pie" came on the radio .. brought back great road trip memories ... man all I needed was "Iron Man" and "She was only Seventeen" LOL Mikey and Arleen .. wish you were along on this adventure ... first trip to Salt Lake might be in the next few days ....

May 5th 5AM Aquarios Casino ... waiting for the so so hotel room coffee to brew, and thanx to my iPhone got to check email .. I am still angry that the more expensive a hotel, the less free WiFi ... anyhow after a shower and wake up, I can go down stairs to Starbucks and use their free WiFi .. at Harrahs none is available. This is a note to C and T at Aliicove .. don't worry about me losing ALL my money lol ...Since there is not much on the travel front today, would like to mention I just finshed eading my second Lee Child book ... a very good author .. and here are a few more for you readers out there .. Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, Kyle Mills, Robert Parker and of course Clive Cussler. Depending on wind and temperature, I may try to get some pool time early today .. after a month my tan is fading, cannot have that .. so today's agenda ... shower up, internet access at Starbuck's, breakfast, tanning, check out and drive for a re-visit of Hoover Dam .. if it is not off limits because of terrorist fears .. then a slow drive to the Rio .. gambling budget there a one time try to get lucky of $100........ (take note Tyler and Chris LOL) read a new book relax and see if my sis will be back from Los Angeles Dr's appointment for a visit tomorrow .. oh yeah, I guess I should plan out the next week or so ... hmm will try to do that when I have internet access thosa mornning and have maps to look at ... that is it for now Ciao

May 3rd .. more .. just worth mentioning .. the friggin' WiFi at the Aquarious Starbucks is the fastest I have ever seen .. 5 times faster then my hardwired connections ... it would be great if all were that fast ... I put a large number of pix on my website in less than a minute WOW .... off to the pool after my free brekfast at Tropicana .. I have a coupon for 2 free buffets at Harrah's who can join me I hate to waste the coupon .. off to the pool soon, as my work here at the WiFi is done for now Peace Out !!!

May 3rd 2011 .. May stay in Laghlin for a few days .. one reason is to get some pool time and refresh my tan .. to read a book, and I am getting ahead of myself as far as timing .. I mean it is too soon to be going to Denver or Mt Rushmore as it can still be too cold for me and snow even ... so am considering using my free room offers to stay here thru May 5th, and maybe even use a room offer in Vegas before moving on to St George and beyond. Because of no WiFi here and because AT&T coverage here is soooo bad .... there are plenty of times here in Laughlin I have zero coverage ... come on AT&T put up a cell tower for goodness sake ... just cut 1 weeks bonus from some worthless executive and improve coverage ...... anyhow off to a Starbucks to try to use their WiFi to try to get yesterday's pix up, update my blog, read my mail and do my facebook and other internet chores .. hope it works peace out

May 2nd had a great day at the Pima Air Museum and boneyard, even though they no longer call it the boneyard in order to make it more like we are rebuilding a lot of these planes .. ok what ever ?? but it was a lot of fun and tons of great planes ... I cannot get the pix up as I am staying at a place (harrah's) that has the balls to charge for WiFi .. I guess tomorrow I will look for a McDonalds that has FREE WiFI F Harrahs thegreedy bastards .. anyhow after Pima drove the 400 or whatever miles to get back to Laughlin ... here for a few (free room you know) .. and maybe a day in Vegas then St George to reconnect with sis ... and then NPs ..... I deon't know who is looking at this blog, but I am amazed at getting about 45 hits every day ... I thought no one cared :-( but some do :-) .... ok time to sleep way after my bedtime after that drive whew .... oh yeah won about $80 this evening in about 15 minutes .. but I promise I will not dig very deep into my wallet while here ... really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 1st 2011 .. went exploring went to Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and that was cool .. many live animal exhibits .. mountain lion, prarrie dog, bear .. reptiles eeech!!, fish .. turtles etc was really cool, but some of the animals were hard to see in their enclosures so only a few photos. And I am pretty sure I could not live here ... desert landscape is very unique .. no watering or mowing that is for sure .. and all the places look similiar, that pueblo look .. lunch at 2 with my friend .. then sleep and a busy tiring day tomorrow ... whew ... peace out !

May 1st AM 2011 .. too funny not to share .. I am sure most of you have seen "My Cousin Vinny", well here at the hotel in Manara AZ where I am spending 2 nites .. I found out last night that the freight train tracks are about 1/4 mile away, and apparently the trains must sound their horns for about 20 seconds while going thru a certain intersection .. only 5 trains between midnight and 5 AM .... way funny ... sorta .. blllaaaaaaaaarrrreee !!and talk about temperature swings from a low last night of 45F Weds high predicted 100F .... well that may take Tucson off my list of places to live ha ha ha that is all for now ALOHA

April 30th ... more .. took just a few pix at the Duathlon .. my old friend and co-worker from Hughes 25 years ago was working the event so it was very nice to spend a few hours chattig with her as she was working as a crossing guard and yelling at clueless spectators crossing right infront of bikers .. a few crashes and falls too so there are some pix on the site and 2 pix of Betty doing her job .. she is a really sweet friend and it was cool hooking up ... and to all a good night .. a chill day tomorrow, Sunday, and then a few days of big driving ..

April 30th .. here in Tucson ... a friend I used to work with is working the Oro Valley Tri Star Duathlon National Championship here, so I will stop by and watch the sports event. then kill some time Sunday .. and finally do Pima Air Museum Monday as well as a tour of the Airforce Boneyard .. then back towards Vegas and a meet with my sis in St George .. then Bryce Zion etc etc ... Peace out

April 29th .. had a great lunch with about 6 of the Honeywell people I worked with for 14 years .. the best group of people I have ever worked with ... they made my job a bit of fun for that aspect MWAs and RWAs (momentum wheels and reatrion wheels) they were great to see and the lunch brought back lots of cool memories for all of us I think ...... then book it for Tucson ... peace out !!!

April 28th .. got my computer back and immediately hit the road, and just got here in Glrndale AZ at 5:20 PM ... lots of casinos and a nice show, Le Reve .. some good time with good friends and lots of casino action, but none very good ha ha ha ... lunch tomorrow with Honeywell friends, and maybe meeting up with some Konawebbers who lived in Waiemea for a few years and now are here near Phoenix .. then Tucson.. So that is it for now and to all a good night V

April 23rd 2011 .. nothing new to report, as stated below, just chillin' in Laughlin today .. donating some money to the machines at the casino.. being entertained and relaxing today and the next 5 days so I don't expect to have much to report .. I will say watching thew gas gauge so far is killing me .. a lot of $$$ every day except for today for gas. I may have trouble keeping things updated for a few days if I keep finding places to stay that charge for WiFi ,, they are all nuts .. here at the Aquarious ... they charge for WiFi, but on the casino floor they provide free Wifi for Starbucks to provide .. go figure.. one little bad sign, I have a crink in my neck from driving and I see lots more driving ahead DOH on a sad note, just heard that a condo neighbor and friend just passed of a sudden heart attack .. wow we are sooo mortal .. he was not anywhere near the top of my list of people likely to leave us so suddenly .. makes me feel vulnerable and more .. makes me so very sad for his wife who already had her hands and emotions full with caring for an aging and ailing parent ... my heart goes out to Wanda.. Peace out

April 22nd .. really nice tour of the NASA complex .. really huge hardware .. 24 stories high .. pix on my site ... and it was a beauty day .. mid seventies .. then a 160 mile drive to Laughlin ... 90 F when I got here nice and warm ... now, as if I need it, 2 days of relaxation ha ha ha ...before 4 days at a timeshare in Las Vegas for more relaxation .. then driving marathons ....to all a good nite ...

April 21st .. well just spent a pleasant couple of days in the Manhattan Beach area and had fun. Last 2 nites I was fortunate enough to get to stay in a wonderful home in a great guest room, got to know an old friend's amazing daughter, and reconnected with an old friend from years ago, and it turns out for decades was a hunter with a goal to bag RAMS from the entire planet .. pix on my site .. and today a great re union with the Gas Co people I worked with 27 years ago, including a man who was my boss for a number of years and the man who was most influensal in teaching me about the working world and also about life .. I love this man and it was sooo special to see him, a robust 94 and as interesting as ever .. love you John ...and for me a special moment when he told me he thought about me at times and considered me his "BEST" .. wow wow wow meant a ton to me .. cool .. then off to Barstow .. figurered 1 hour and 45 minutes ... WELL WELL as soon as Igot on the freeway .. dead stopped .. took 3 hours to go 4 miles .. and the trip to Barstow which should have been a bit under 2 hours was just under 5 hours ... arrrrggg .. a cement truck crashed and blocked all east boune lanes .. after 3 hours I finally got off, but the side streets were also soo F**ed up that I drove around for 45 minutes and got on exactly where I got off .. anyhow I am now settled in .. drink in hand .. looking forward to the tour tomorrrow .. so pix to follow tomorrow ... maybe .. as I expect the f**ing casino not to have WiFi to all a good night 189 crap .. and preparation for tomorrow's busy schedule of a meeting at 10, a reunion lunch at 11:30 .. a drive to Barstow at about 2 and a night in a Best Western in preparation for the tour of the Goldstone deep space Communications Complex ... and to all a good night. .. Vytas

More April 18th .. had lunch with about 7 of my ex co workers from Boeing .. yup I am glad I am retired and away from there ... checked out my old beaches, and they are still there lol .. but a chilly gloomy day .. it is days like this thaat may make a move back to Hawaii a reality .. justed checked into the Wave hotel in Manhattan Beach .. after last night, this is great .. it was an old Holiday Inn, and certain things still show that age, but it has been nicely renovated, and eveything works well including WiFi so I am much happier tonite. The last 18 days have just sped by .. with not much accomplished, but hey I am on vacation, and actually have had a number of nice days both mentally and physically. I have totally lost track of what day it is .. at least in Kona every wekk wednesday is noted by the cruise ship ....ok for now tomorrow has aq totally empty slate .. will look into buying some reading material for my trip at a used book store, and if the prices are close to kindle books, I will just buy a kindle good nite to all

April 18th .. had a wonderful Dim Sum lunch with my very best friend and his family .. wow the girls a growing up to be young ladies. It was a very good day because of time spent with them .. then I experienced the danger of online reservations .. checked into the Ramada El Segundo ... first off the loby had a bunch of smoking drinking derelics .. then a rude check in dude .. he gives me a code to open the garage gate .. no need the gate is lying on the ground broken off its hinge ... only one of two elevators works .. business center printer out of service .. 3 out opf 4 ice machines broken, and the working one is empty .. go down and ask for ice .. "let me see if I can help" ... 15 minutes later returns and says the restaurants ice machine is broken too :-0 tv remote needed to be slamed against the table 5 times before it worked .. grundgy carpets and the room next to mine had its locked broken off the door .. no kidding .. well then I tried to get on line worst wifi connection I have ever had .. much worse than dial up .. took me forty minutes on line to cancel todays reservation at the Ramada .. will look for another hotel today .. Also I believe Manhattan Beach's population has again doubled since I was here a year ago .. the crowding is un believable traffic .. rude people aarrrrrgggI am sitting in a bagel place with a coffee I didn't neeed just to write this and load it on the internet .. I am trying to have lunch with my old co workers today .. haven't heard back from them yet ... Would like to brag about living in Hawaii ha ha ha 20 degrees cooler today then yesterday ... but still good to be alive lol ... and finally gas is $4.39 around here arrgg

April 17th AM 2011.. again an early start to the day .. 6 AM now .. will have coffee and pack up and leave San Diego again ... have scheduled a Dim Sum brunch with mu best friend of the last 20 years and his family ... we have had Dim Sum for special events at the Sea Empress restaurant for many years ... the coffee maker hear is kaput, so I have to make cowboy coffee .. just use the sauce pan, bring to a boil, let the grounds settle and carefully pour a cup .. a bit gritty but coffee none the less .. in about 4 days the real stuff begins, once leaving SoCal .. started yesterday to make arrangements to have lunch in Phoenix with the Honeywell people I worked with for 14 years .. looking forward to that .. and connecting with a few friends that I met through Konaweb that moved to Hawaii about the time I did, and then moved to AZ. .. OK time to try that coffee BRB .. wow, this is the worst most bitter cup of coffee I have ever had .. but it is all I have here, maybe after I shower, a Senior cup of coffee and McDonald's is in order. Oh as it gets light I see we are fogged in .. a marine layer .. OK OK I do miss warm Hawaii ... that is it for now ALOHA to all my friends Vytas

April 16th .. early AM .. like 6AM .. OK here is the deal, when you have moved all your wordly possessions from HI to CA ... and you have been on the road for a few weeks, one little problem seems to happen .. I know I have certain things in my car, but shoot, I cannot find them .... I have taken everything out of my car, and seached high and low, and there are things missing .. or I am just soooo un organized ... someone please help me ... there are 2, count them, 2 magazines for my pistol somewhere??? but it looks like this morning I will spend like $25 for a magazine so I can have a weapon when I am out in the wilderness .. just in case ..and later will find the missing stuff .. maybe ??? I miss the beauty and warmth and friendships of Hawaii, but am also looking forward to a bit of adventure in the coming weeks .. and John A .. sorry I have missed your last calls, but I am on a crazy schedule .. will try to connect soon ... ALOHA all Vytas

April 15th .. tax day .. OK a small change in plans .. since my last box of junk arrived in San Diego right after I left .. tomorrow morning back to San Diego .. it is about 100 miles .. I guess I can do that .. get my stuff and spend 2 nights at my friend's house ... I am told I also received some kind of invite from the Barona people .. ha ha ha maybe another visit to that beautiful casino ??? then I will wrap up the SoCal portion of the trek .... dentist .. reunion .. and then Barstow ..... travel on !!!

April 14th .. Just a relaxing day .. drove up into the foothills of Beaumont like a tourist should, then drove over to the Morongo Casino to get a player's card from them to add to my collection. And, of course since I left San Diego yesterday, my last box of stuff arrived there from Hawaii so now I need to figure out a way to get the box ... I reall don't want to drive all the way back ... gas $$$ are4 already killing me. I am using gas at 10 times the rate I was in Hawaii :-(

April 13th .. OK hit a few more casinos on my way out of San Diego ... left a few bucks .. on the way to Beaumont saw a sign for March AFB museum, so I paid my $10 and took a few pix, check out the pix on the website..

April 12th 2011 .. Back to San Diego to get my car detailed .. it was an sub average job, but OK ... had lunch with a friend and back to Ricon Casino ... and these posts won't make the internet til tomorrow, as Harrah's won't give free WiFi like any coffee shop would .. the greedy bastards .. anyhow gave back about $150 and am in my room chillin .. off to visit an old aquaintance for a few days in Beaumont CA .. ending up in Manhattan Beach April 19 and 20 for a dental appointment .. the off to Barstow and early rise on the 22nd for the Goldstone Deep Space Commujnications Complex tour, and then Laughlin for 2 nights .... the beat goes on ... I am a HoBo

April 11th .. interesting day, took my car in for a recall and a free oil change ( 4 free oil changes courtesy of Saturn), and then the guy comes out and says I have leaking rear wheel cylinders, and the brake shoes are soaked ... err that'll be oh $500 parts and labor .. in a weak moment I decide not to fight and say it gotta be done .. do it. Then 3 hours later he calls me over and apologyses for a mis communication and they aren't working on my car .. he says sorry, I he'll deduct labor ... then I ask to see the stuff before they start .. so they call me over and say .. man you are in luck ... look the brake shoes are OK we a=only need to replace wheel cylinders .. so 5 hours of waiting and my car is ready $188 .. and he gives me a coupon for a fee detail cause he feels so badly ... I figure I will take that as it will keep me out of the casino tomorrow morning. So back to my room at the Rincon, but before bed I'll try the damn machines again, and immediately get dealt 33334 on a dollar machine for $800 ... a good evening.

April 10th .. kinda a quiet day .. drove out early to the Barona Casino i East San Diego.. What a beautiful drive, the country out there is soo very scenic ... lots of high price homes on top of big hills witrh long steep driveways leading up to them ... $$$ buys nice things I guess. The casino was very very nice, and clean and not under staffed .. won a few hundred bucks .. gave some back and drove back to Diego .. the temps were cool but is was sooo clear ... I also did a bit of shopping at a supermarker .. Brah .. compared to Hawaii food is soooo in expensive .... so many things that are $3 in Hawaii $00.99 here .. but the other side of the coin .. I am driving 8 tijmes as many miles every few days meaning $$$$$$$$$$ in gas ... hope to get the car done and all fixed tomorrow, and off to Rincon for 2 days of sun by the pool .. I hope... peace out Vytas

April 9th .. What have I done?? This morning it is 39F here ... a big Hawaii bruddah cannot handle this .. brrr shiver ... at least my friend Dick had a pair of sweat pants that were way to long for him that he got from the San Diego Volleyball club .. and I was smart enough to lug along the winter parka I got from Harrah's for free some years back .. free ... ha h ha ... well they gave my the parka .. but for sure I paid for it along the way LOL I am staying next to the Mirarmar Marine air base ... when it was Navy, it was the home of Top Gun .. but they have a small museum, and I will go there later this morning and take some photos of the static displays .. yesterday watched an Osprey hoover and then transtion to regular flight mode very cool stuff. And I also got a call from my friend John .. he cheered me up by letting me know I wasn't the only one wrtiting a large check to pay taxes to our in effective leaders lol I mean sorry John .:-( Just waiting to get my car serviced Monday and then off for 2 free nites at Harrah's Rincon, and then a few nites with a friend I haven't seen in 35 years ... just working my way to Yorba Linda for the Gas Co reunion on the 21st .. sooo more later off to shower and shave V

April 8th .. Brrrrrr here in San Diego today 51F and Rain ... I am not used to this, but I will survive ... after the morning rituals. will see if I can get my car's warranty work and service done today instead of Monday, as I got my car a day early ... if anyone moves a car from Hawaii, I recommend Pasha Hawaii, I have used them for 6 crossings now without any problems ... and this time I had about 100 lbs of stuff crammed into knooks and crannies of my car saving about $100 in postal charges to ship that crap. I will mention that my car is stuffed full of all my worldy belongings ... kinda sad and kinda funny at the same time .. .... If the car has to wait til Monday, I may have no choice but to visit a local casino ha ha ha ... but maybe not, as the start of the day was a malfunctioning coffee maker putting two cups of coffee on top of the little fridge ... resulting in one coffeed up motel towel ... eeech .. on a political note, seeing what is going on in Washington, are we ready to replace all those assholes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 7th 2011 .. AM .. Went down to Fiesta Island to watch DART, the local rocketry club launch some rockets, and a group of kids from a program with the Air and Space Museum showed up. Unfortunately, is was windy and cold 59F, and regulations limited the size of rockets that could be used in that wind. So froze my butt off to watch a few really samll rockets gert launched, and after 2 hours headed back to the hotel to warm up. Hopefully when I call Pasha at 1 today they will tell me I can pick up my car today ... fingers crossed .. peace out

April 5th .. Gotta say it was a great pleasure spending some time with my twin nephews Arvydas and Aidas. They are 2 straight up great young men. I hope to do a bettah job keeping in touch. Already great stuff for me on this adventure. And today was a disaster at the casino, but expected that at the indian casinos .....

April 4th ... Just getting organized at the Poway Best Western .. off to pick up Richard and off to the Rincon .. I may be having lunch with a nephew, Arvydas, that I haven't seen in 8 years and really don't know very well ... a long story .. but might be fun .. he is family after all. I am amazed at the amount of stuff I have in my car ... a rental for now until Friday ... but I guess when you have everything you own ... welll :-) .. and when I get my car, there is tons of stuff hidden in there as well .. I need to figure out where to leaqve a bunch of stuff that is only useful in a home and not on the road. OK I don't plan to gamble much at the Rincon, as the reservation casinos are not regulated and their payoffs are way lower than Vegas .. but 2 free nights ha ha we'll see how free .... later the vagabond .. Vytas

April 2nd ... 5AM San Diego Time, dark O'clock HI time .. ha ha ha .. OK just passing time for the next few days ... the Mon and Tues, a friend and I will relax at the Rincon Casino in No San Diego county ... then hopefully I can get my car Thurs or Fri ... get it serviced Mon on the 11th and then visit with friends and hang around and relax until the Gas Co reunion on the 21st ... and the Goldstone deep Space Communications Center tour the 22nd out past Barstow, and then Laughlin for 2 days and Vegas for 5 days .... then ... shit I don't know yet LOL

March 30th .. tic toc tic toc ... dropped off car for shipping .. packing stuff .. cleaning condo .. will be off the Island mid day tomorrow .. what will the future bring ?? I hope a nice adventure ... tic toc.

March 13th 2011 ... Holy Cow 18 days til departure to America .... shipping one more box of belongings snail mail to a friend's address, and then planning packing all the nooks and crannies in my car with stuff so hopefully can get all the rest into one suitcase and one computer bag and still be below airline weight limits. How can an old guy like me who tried to get rid of all un neccessary stuff still have a bunch of crap to ship ??? I guess there are some things I like to have around heh heheh ... One piece of good news was the landlord caled and wants me to leave all the cabloe TV and internet stuff from Time Warner hooked up, so one less trip for me to return shit, and also she will put the electricity in her name .. so I don't have to deal with the stuff left in the fridge...I am thinking of how to share my travels .. am considering tweets, facebook and of course this blog and place fpr pix .. I think I will use my website here for pix and blog, and put a photo or 2 up on facebook with a link to here ... hmm that will work ??? .. I am starting to worry a bit about money, but figure I just wil spend what I have to for 3 mos or so .. and worry about what I will do in 10 years later .. hell who knows what news I will get from the doc tomorrow regarding the CT Scan of vital organs :-( ... Oh and finally the news here has had news clips finally acknowledging all the tsunami damage on the west side of our Island .. the damage was truly amazing ... peace out Vytas

March 6th 2011 ... OK Getting ready for that vacation … trying to get the first few weeks lodging arranged … get to San Diego April Fool’s day … not sure of that is a coincidence ??  …I can pick up my car on the 8th so I will be in the San Diego area for at least a few weeks … buy some tires .. get car serviced and checked out for a problem it has had for months, but no Saturn or now GM dealers on the Big Island .. powertrain is still under warranty … and there are a few bucket list items in San Diego … in over 40 years of living in SoCal, never made the ZOO so I will do that … and maybe a hot air balloon ride … a ex Gas Co marketing guys reunion on the 21st for lunch, and then the official beginning of the road trip … oh yeah meeting HI friends in Vegas April 24th thru 28 .. only real must is Mt Rushmore and area, but getting there will have many stops … hiding stuff not worth shipping, but want with me, in all the nooks and crannies in my car .. it is supposed to be empty … hope they don’t check it lol … so looks like Beaumont, Tucson, Phoenix, Durango, Las Vegas, and St George are definite stops so far … in no particular order …

Feb 12th .... already ... Just finished posting pix from the Valentine's Day OC/1 race ... I love this group of people .. a great bunch of paddlers. I will miss this part of Kona while I am gone on America ... but I believe it is this race season that will call me back next winter ... It is funny, Kona is so small, that after living here only a bit over 5 years, I know my checkout people at the markets .. I go to the doctor's office and know 4 people in the waiting room ... but I think it is this very same fact that occassionally gives my "Island Fever" go figure ???And oh yeah .. the temperature is always just right here .. day and night ... summer and winter AHHHHHHH

Jan 30th ... a nice morning in Hawaii, but because of my damn neuropathy in my feet, I apparently either kicked something or stepped on something and didn't feel it ... but now there is a big bruise on my foot and it hurts like hell!!! I hate it when you are hurting ... oh well all I can do is ice it and hope it gets bettah soon .... I am making plans for the "Road Trip", but phase 1 is mostly collecting data on when a number of events I am interested in are happening and where!! I don't want to be driving back and forth .. I want circle routes LOL off I go til later ALOHA

Jan 24th 2011 ... Here it is, over 2 1/2 months from my road trip around America, and since it is very voggy and overcast, I am planning what to take, what to try to sell, what to give away etc etc ... have 2 boxes of cotton tees ready to ship, as I don't wear them here .. too hot .. I am also assessing the electronics .. crap there is a boatload of cables, adapters, sling box, external hard drives, power supplies, routers, power strips ... hell $$$ to ship ... I am guessing that after I hide a bunch of stuff in the car, and pack my suitcase to 49.5 lbs I will still have about $200 TO $300 of shipping cost for "STUFF" ... over and above the $1100 for car and then airfare .. and I am now officially on fixed income that doesn't cover my monthly expenses ... holy crap .. come on Lotto ... I am also trying to make a very rough game plan .. I need to collect a few dates such as when the old Gas Co Retirees will have their annual lunch ... I haven't seen these guys in about 30 years ... so my plans will get me near Los Angeles that date ... and I will be researching a couple of other "bucket List" events around the country ... like some machine gun shoots and rocket launches and a few volleyball events as well as a Lithuanian Days event .. I am also looking into a trip to either Europe or Thailand ??? this could be a fun adventure ... more later Vytas

Jan 15th... no real new news ... just getting things arranged for the trip to America ... already khowing I will quickly miss all gthe people and the nice weather here ... but a new adventure awaits ... nagging health issues and new health insurances, but am trying to get some stuff resolved before I leave the Big Island ... we are expexting up to 20 foot surf tomorrow .. woooo pppeeeee

Jan 7th 2011 ... well we just had 3 days in a row that were almost as nice as it was over 3 years ago before that darn volcano statred acting up .. really nice days all day, and today is the gloomiest darkest and coldest day I have ever had here .. ( I know we are spoiled) but it was below 70 degrees for most of the day ... thinking about putting a t shirt on .... spent a number of hours yesterday booking my car shipment .. drop off in Hilo 3/29 .. pick up in San Diego 4/7 .. booked a flight to San Diego 3/31 .. booked a rental car for PU in Hilo 3/29 drop off KOA 3/31 .. so the plan is coming together .. sold my OC1 ( at a big loss) but at least that is done too. Have had nice paddles last week with bottle nose dolphins and a few whales ... and cheated a bit on my diet/weght loss plan last week but only 2 pounds gained, back on it tomorrow .. I am happy to be wearing swim trunks I bought 4 years ago that I was going to shrink into .. now I have and even took them in an inch or two already ... sooo there it is .. a little update .. still hoping to win the Lotto .. maybe this weekend ... I am really just a bit worried now that my Boeing pension is done and I will be living with a negative cash flow from here on out ... it d really hurts that Boeing dropped my medical coverage 2 1/2 years early because they have a policy that if you are medicare eligible (which I am because of my peripheral neuropathy) you have to take it and they no longer cover you .. that is an extra $450 a month I wasn't planning on .. god I hate Boeing and its fat cat executives ..hope the cash lasts... aloha for now

Dec 27th 2010 ... well one more Xmas done ... kinda a sad and depressing time for someone alone like I am .. but am looking forward to a good 2011 ... if my plans work out, there should be some fun traveling both in the western USA, and perhaps abroad with my British Airways miles woo woo ... 2010 wasn't a terrible year, but the nagging health issues did put a small damper on things .. I hope to make some progress there in the next few months. Anyhow for any who read this have a great 2011 and be safe these last few days of the year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 25th 2010 ... news flash .. first Merry Christmas to all .... and that $168,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot ... well just missed it ... got the Mega number plus 1 for $3 ... waa waa ... not what I wanted for Xmas.

Dec 24th, 2010 .. OK Xmas eve, no big holiday plans or expectations for me this year, and almost wish this holiday were over with .. the condo complex is over run with vacationers, and seems they all brought their grand children with them. The pool area is just like a nursery scholl from 8AM til 8 PM ugh !!! Am learing more and more about how to use Adobe Suite C4, wow it is powerful and way over this old guys head .. but today learned an easier way (I think) to make web photo albums for this site ... will see after the Jan 8th race. HAd a nice time last week with visitors John and Kathy from the cold East CCoast. I am trying to sell my OC1 at a huge loss, but just am not using it, and now that my Aerospace pension is done, I am living beyond my income from now on .. scary but I should be OK. Anyhow I had some and continue to have some health issues this year, but hoping recent doc visits will come up with some answers that will allow me to enjoy life a bit more .... and hopefully will win that $ 168,000,000.00 Mega Millions Jackpot tonite :-).... I will probably stop by the canoe clubs pot luck tomorrow morning and then hope for Peace aon Earth around the pool tomorrow afternoon .. vog permitting ... of course I maybe on a plane to LA too, to collect my winnigs ;-) Happy Holidaays to all who may read this and I hope 2011 will be a good year for all, and that we might find a way to stop all the killing world wide .... Love Out Vytas

Nov 30th 2010 .. Had a good time in Vegas, and collected about $3,200 in jackpots, but this was a team effort and that wasn't enough to keep 2 gamblers above water for 4 1/2 days .. my partner only hit one small jackpot .. oh well .. frre rooms and food and only a $450 loss is a win in my book. Now I am trying to un-ravel the medicare puzzle ... why is it that anything the gov touches from tax code to medicare becomes a tangled mess of stupid optoons and games .. there are supplements A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M and N.... some are no longer avaiable ... in many states only A is available to people under age 65 ... WTF ... I don't consider myself a dummy, but sure feel like one now .. I am at a total loss as to what I need to do .... I am close to tossing in the towel and either going with no supplement, or going the Kaiser route ugh help me lol .... also, I had thought about buying a home in Vegas come April or May ... but after this trip ... I don't feel that good about that option. If my gambling buddy sells his house, I may go to the San Diego area and rent a place splitting costs with him for a year or two? More unknowns ... life is such an adventure ha ha ha ..... I am starting to make plans and arrangements to go back to the mainland around March 30th .... and go on a National park driving tour for a few months ??? maybe ??? that is all for now amigos .. have fun and be nice to people around you love peace and out Vytas

Nov 19th 2010 .. ok another month has gone by and the last few days my absolute hatred for Boeing has grown by leaps and bounds ... they take care of their executives to excess, but regular employees/retirees like shit ... I have been under the assumpyion ( cause they told me so) that I had health care taken care of until age 65 when I would be tgrown to the medicare camp .. and I was OK with that, but due to my neuropathy of my feeet, I applied fpr and was granted Social security disability .. fine but just a few days ago, since I have been on disability for 2 years I now am eligible for medicare ... Oh I should be OK I thought ... I will sign up for medicare part a and Boeing will take care of the rest til age 65 F**ing no .. Boeings rules are if you qualify for medicare, you must sign aaup for parts at and b ( part b costs $110/mo, and anothe supplemental to cover drugs etc at a cost of $340/mo soooo now I am out $450 per month 2 1/2 years earlier than I thought I hate Boeing !!!!!!!!!!!!! Well ih a few days off to Vegas where I now need to come out ahead about $10,000 to take care of traqvelling expenses and health insurance for the next 2 years .... yet just a few years ago Boeing paid a VP over $40,000 to decorate his house for a christmas party F them all /....

Oct 28th, 2010 ... geeeeez another month has wizzed by, and you know not much happens here ... I did have a nice visit with friends from the east coast Ja and Kb wwere here for a week .. lots of taqlk story and friendship. Otherwise SOS .. just paddling, planning a vegas trip, planning moving away in April for at least 4 months ... and losing weight ... as of today down 16 lbs, only 24 to go ( at least). The peripheral neuropathy of the feet is getting more limiting as far as my being on my feet, and I find that depressing, but am trying to keep a positive attitude, though hard to do. I am glad that my tri athlete friends Yvonne and Thomas are here for 6 more weeks ... they are a fun duo to be around, and I am taking them paddling today, hope they have fun and hope we see dolphiins. ANd finally my vog bitch, the damn vog has been really bad again ... limited sun the last week ... so much so the water temp in the pool has dropped by some 6 degrees in just a few days ... no sun ... no heat but it seems my bitching has no effect ... com'on Pele .. give us a break ... Aloha for now ... the coffee is ready CIAO vytas

Sept 30th 2010 ... wow a month has raced by sonce last post ... today I am in day 3 of a sinus/cold/sore throat thingie that I get at least once a year .. and the vog doesn't help ... hopefully will be OK by tomorrow ... given all the remedies I am trying peroxide gargle to zinc tabs to hot soup etc oh and real sudafed .. waaaa .. and to top it off this is the third day in a row with no sun by 10 AM and rain by 2:30 ... I hate vocanos that mess with my weather ... this next weekend brings all the activity of the Ironman Championships ... about 2000 participants .. so with all their suppot etc the population of little Kailua town swells by thousands .. and the starving restaurants are all hoping to make some money this week and next .. as tourism has been slow ... Hawaii is a bit behind America proper in the recession we are hurting here ... I am really looking forward to a Las Vegas trip over Thanksgiving week, and then the one man canoe racing season, and I am planning a driving tour of America April and May and June ... anyhow whenever I get sick like this it reminds me the importanceof health .. my nueropathy issue aside .... oh to be 25 again .. lol ha ha ha ha ... getting some of my snowbird friends coming back, a few ever week .. so that is cool .... and 2 friends from the East coast will be here visiting soon .. so kinda lots going on for this retired guy right now ... off to nap now later Vytas

Aug 29th .... what gives .. we have had 3 sunny days in a row ... I am smiling .. it is still voggy mauka, but at least sunny here on Alii Dr .... have ]made all my Vegas reservations for Thanksgiving week. Just wish there was a cure for my worsening neuropathy .. SHIT!! But am in good spirits and am on a mission to lose about 35 lbs of excess weight ... never had this issue when I was young HA HA HA .... soo starvation is the menu for a while ALOHA ooops a 10:30 AM update .. the friggin' sun is gone .. vog induced clouds rolled in and it is eerily dark out ..... waa waaaaaaaa

Aug 26th 2010 ... the last Thursday of the month ... thank goodness, that means it is a potluck day at the canoe club .. no evil and painful paddling ha ha ha just ono grinds, a celebration of all members who had Aug birthdays, and a little presentation by one of our board members on proper paddling techniques, which will fall on deaf senior recreational paddlers ears again lol .. the last few weeks have found me in a bored funk ... a good friend is having health issues that make mine seem minor, and you feel helpless when there is nothing you can do to help except just be there ...... the older we all get, health is the most important thing ... oh well .... everyone just have as much fun as you can ... and put out a giant SMILE ... be HAPPY ...... OR AT LEAST TRY oh yeah the mercury test came back at normal levels >>>>>>>

Aug 21th .. OK dodn't win either mega millions or super Lotto this week damn !!! And Hawaiii normally known for beautiful days has given me an awful day today ... tomorrow I will stat the day with a 2 hour paddle and that should be nice if we get early sun .... nothing else to report .. neuropathy is still hurting my feet badly .... good thing I never need to wear dress shoes

Aug 17th ... one more day of house guest .. will take her paddling this morning, and then our usual talk story session with my usual BLT .... and I am trying to fix my friend Cheryl's laptop ... wow 3 years away from PCs and I am totally lost ... will replace the hard drive and see what happens ... got the HD on Amazon for like $55, the rip offs here at Island Tech wanted $139 for the same deal ..... I want a Fry's here ... that is it for today .... want to be guest free ... later Vytas ............PS No Sun at all yesterday pffft!

Aug 15th 2010 ... did my usual Sunday paddle .. it kicked my ass ... whew that is hard work .. then a good breakfast with a nice bunch of paddlers ... then helped a friend with a new computer selection .. then was ready to reead by the pool, but wait no &**%# ing sun ... this vog needs to stop ... so the rest of the day was gloomy, but went down to Keauhou to watch the Sunday Volleyball crew ... and I sure enjoyed watching a gorgeous young lady play ha ha ha WOW is all I can say .. I think I may watch the Sunday V Ball more often ... I did receive a question as to why I am having a mercury est ..... well in surfing the web, I have found that 1 mercury can cause peripheral Neuropathy and 2. An Oregon U Study of Kilauea found that the volcano emits 270 TONS of mercury every year .. I find that scary ... as it can be in and on food and breathed eveyday so I am just checking .. and I will diseminate results ... good night all and sleep well ....... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Aug 12th 2010 .... I would never put this crap on facebook, but hey this is my website here .. nice hard paddle this morning with a Dolphin pod encounter ... coffe with friends, and then went to have blood drwan for a mercury level test ... and the blood has to be shipped to America for the test .. not Oahu mind you but the mainland ... scary .... in a few hours Cheryl will call me for my 12 needles later today and I will recipricate ... the Maqc Users Group mtg at 5:30 .. then booze time ..... a busy day for me ha ha ha ha ha bye for now

AUg 11th 2010, OK today was one of the terribly voggy and gloomy days we have had ..... you cannot even see the hillside a mile away ... drank a tad too much last night, resulting in a slight hangover today to top it off ..... jusgt a few minutes agao was asked to help with asembly of the club's new lawnmower .. thankfully it came all assembled ... just pout in some oil and gas ... whew !!!But thqt is the scoop for today ... gloomy ... humid .. stivky and all in all a forgetable day....tomorrow shall be a winner .........PS Justed checked LOTTO ... no winner again .. damn been playing the CA lotto for 25 years now I an due :-)

Aug 10th already, paddled this morning like I try to every Tues, Thurs and Sun morning, and then a BLT and talk story at the Keauhou shopping center for an hour or so ... then a shower, a trip to COstco for supplies like vodka ... rasberries and bread ... then er ... nothing ... the vog is the same as it has been for almost 3 years now .. very depressing as I remember and desire the old days .. when mr. Sun was around all day long .... I have been doing a bit of research about the peripheral neuropathy I have in my ft, and am scheduling a blood test to look for mercury ... seems that can be a cause of neuropathy .. and the volcano emits around 220 tons of mercury vapor annually. So worth looking into, I don't expect to find anything, but want to know for sure that that ain't it. I am gettin better at giving my friend CJ her 12 injections after she gives me mine twice a week, the first fewt times I was scared to death that I would hurt her ... eeech !! But pffft, I am pretty good at it ha ha ha ..... I don't see anything on my calendar of any import until Thanksgiving week, where I already have made travel and hotel reservations in Vegas, what has become a twice a year ritual on my and my friend Dick's Birthdays .. we gamble for 3 or 4 days and eat well and get free accommodations from the casino .. OK maybe not totally free, but no bill for the rooms, or food :-) .... well this cripple is off to read a cool Vince Flynn book ... ADIOS, I mean ALOHA Vytas

July 17, '10 ... oh oh .. I sense my Friend Ja from PA doesn't like the iPhone I kinda helped to talk him into ... Ja take it back ... now me I love mine .. my feet are killing me this last week, but I am going to a party tonite for some fun .. bought some Hennessey to drink yummy .... no sun hot and humid but I am OK later Vytas

July 15th '10 ... been in a routine .... paddling at 8 AM Tues, Thurs and Sun ..... have coffee with a group of paddlers Mon, Weds, Fri .... meet some friends Sat morning .. then Faremer's Mkt ... get 12 injections of a med Mon and Thurs to try and beat the nueropathy issue (not working).... and give 12 injections to my friend for her condition. I am also spending a lot of time trying to select my next adventure ... living in Vegas ?? and RVing for a while .. and heck .. the vog here has been just awful .... it is worse than living in Seattle ... no sun eveyday after about 10 AM ... arrrgggggg OK I vented ....

June 26th '10 OK OK, it has been brought to my attention, that there has been no blogging here since Apr 19th .( thanx Uncle Steve), so here goes. The end of April was uneventful. Lots of fun with the usual people and activities, and vog galore, which is my main bitch too voggy here these days. I did get a bit of "rock fever" in June and took off for a Las Vegas jaunt. My frind Richard and I have been going to vegas on our birthdays for a good number of years now ... mine in May and his during Thansgiving. I really enjoyed the trip and the gambling, even though I was and am a loser lol. I did however walk to much in casinos and airports, and by my return to Kona, my feet were swollen so badly .. I was in my condo for 3 weeks with no shoes on ... that aging thing again. I also am trying to figure out my next adventure .... move to Vegas for a while??? go RVing for a while ... try living on Oahu for a while .. stay here ???? At this point I will just mull over options for the next few months, and then have a plan put together. It is hard to think about leaving as I have friends here .. but in reality a few real friends and many aquaintances ...... but enough of the thought process ... days like today, fairly suny in the morning (before vog rolls in), meeting real friends atht eh farmer's Market ... and relaxiang by the pool ... ahhh life is good today ... Have started an strange treatment that may help my neuropathay ... twice a week I get 12 injections of procaine in my back ... maybe this will help .... anyhow I have met my obligation of a blog update .... and I am off for more fun and retirement enjoyment ..... paddling, talking story with friends, coffee with friends, geezer corner meeting on Saturdays at Keauhou .... woo woo life is good ..... ALOOOOOOOHA !!

April 19th '10 danger danger, I am bored and depressed and the weather has been down right shitty and gloomy .. no sun most days .. the one man canoe season is over, and instead of losing 20 lbs in the last 2 mos, I have gained 10 more ....F**k .... I am looking into getting to LAS VEGAS on or about my birthday in late May and spend some time with my friend Dick at the Belagio (room and food free) ... and am also looking into a trip mid July for a few months that may include Europe ... will have to see how things workout ... I am even toying with the idea of moving ... boredom and depression causes my thoughts to wander in that direction, and you know what ????? Nothing wrong with that. I am not very mobile because of the foot thing, but now is the time to travel and loaf around ... in another numberaof years I may be really limited in what I can do, and then I can stay in my condo (anywhere) and just exsist !!!! I really know how lucky I am right now not to have money issues like so many are right now .. I just have health stuff, and that is what it is !!!!! I would be fine if I could just get in my car and spend a month exploring, but cannot do that here, and really don't want to pay rent here if I am on the road for 2 mos ... lots to think about the next couple of weeks >>>>> the next few days I will figure out the airfare to Lost Wages and then dream about four aces with a kicker trey, paying $800 .. woo woo .... I will need to leave up about a grand to pay for travel expenses ha ha ha

March 21st 2010 .. Holy Crap .... near the end of Macrch 2010 .. where has the time gone .. I guess I don't find time very often for this blog .... the last 3 months have been a fun time for me .. lots going on .. visiting good friends, new Lithuanian aquaintances who found me in Kona via konaweb and facebook, lots going on at the Kdeauhou canoe club, and we are nearing the end of the OC1 and OC2 canoe racing season ... being the club's webmaster ... and co unoffiicail photographer .... so I guess retirement has been good ... if only I could have enough will power to lose some weight and if only my nueropathy would go away life would be perfect .. but as it is .. it is pretty darn GREAT !!! Got my new I phone Saturday .. and now I need to learn how to use it and decide which apps to buy .. summer is approaching so it is danger time for my Island fever ... do I want to leave for 1 or 2 or 3 months??? decisions decisions ..... OK at leat I wrote something here .. I can only think of maybe 3 people who will read this ha ha ha anyhow loviung life and loving my friends .. ALOHA

Dec 20th 09 .. wow all the pussies back east seem to be complaining about snow and cold ... I have gotten emails from Boston and Philly .... wah wah wah ... we here in Kailua just had a tropical storm blow through ... high winds, torrential rain, thunder and lightening water spouts ....... just happy to survive .... BUT I am sitting here with windows open and no shirt on and feel warm.......... HO HO HO HO Merry Christmas ... Happy New Year :-)

Dec 16th 09 ..wow I just processed an on line mail payment for Jan 2010 ... 2010 .. wow 2010 already ????? I am sure back in say 1995 2010 was beyond my wildest thoughts .. and here we are ... almost ... New Years eve I will be at the Keauhou Canoe Club's Halau for the ball drop at midnight NY time and celebrate the start of 2010 .... I hope the coming year will be kind to everyone ... especially those of my friends who found 2009 trying financially .... aloha V

Dec 14th 09 ... here I am in Hawaii a few weeks away from Xmas ... errr Bah Humbug .... the holiday season for me is no longer a special time .. I think you need family for that ... I am happy though, to be living in Hawaii .. and not having a care in the world except for a few nagging health thingies .. but hey overall life is amazing .. I suspect there are millions who would love to be in my shoes .. and I really appreciate that .. I am blessed for some reason. I am researching a trip of a life time for me this summer .. it may or maynot happen .. but am considering a trip that would take me around the world in 2 months .... Hawaii to LA to NY to Netherlands to Austria to Lithuania .. then either Asia or Autralia and back to Hawaii ... fun to investigate but may not happen ... I will know within a few weeks .... The volcano action is again making the sunny weather I came here for rather rare ... but how the hell can I complain when My Friends in say .... Essington PA .. are freezing their testicles off .. however that is funny ... shovel that snow and ice and slush ... by the way it was a bit chilly last night ... about 73F .. Brrrrrrrrr . ha ha or I mean HO HO HO ....... I am looking forward to paddling tomorrow on the blue Pacific and then talk story with friends ... Merry Chfristmas to all of you and I really do hope 2010 is a banner year for all .......... :-) .... I mean it .... and Ja .. you know who you are .. have a GREAT year ....

Nov 2nd 2009 ... you know a blog is like having a pet ... a full time job, and quite frankly I don't think my life is interesting enough to warrant a blog .. but I will share that here it is Nov 2nd already ... and I have no idea where the time has gone .. I have been in my condo for year now, and initial plans were 6 mos or so .. but life here is sooo nice even with the health issue ups and downs of the last few years .. the dreaded holiday season is upon us and quite frankly I canoot wait for Jan 2nd and the end of that season lol more later see ya Vytas

Hell it is Oct 16th already ... I guess life has been full of good times leaving me no time to update this blog .. so in a nutshell all is well and letting the good times roll .... more later !! 

Aug 29th ... hmm seems like this blogging gets forgotten a lot .. haven't been here for well over a month .... made my annual trip to LA to watch the Manhattan Beach 6 man volleyball tourney .. but got sick and spent Friday thru Monday of the tourney at UCLA hospital ... bad trip .. but did get a few days of gambling in .. and now that I am back in Hawaii ..a bunch of medical tests will be scheduled  oh well aging not so gracefully ..lol ... otherwise life ihas been good .. spending time with the paddlers and doing some paddling muself ... and enjoying all my free time ... some I know have gone back to work .. some to off set stock loses others because they are bored ... that I don't understand ... I love not working and being a beach bum ...

July 5th .. had a great fireworks show over Kailua harbor last night .. I am going out on my one man a bit more often and am trying all kinds of non traditional and expensive medicine to try to stop the neuropathy of my feet but so far the quacks ain't workin'  lol  going back to CA around July 29th for a few weeks to shake a case of Island fever .. just need to get off the rock for a few weeks ... vog is still bad here, but it is still paradise .. always around 80 to 85 during the day and mid 70s at night  ahhh and I hear the roar of the surf from across the streeet every night .. blessed to be living the life I am  woo woo wooooo wooooo

June 11th ... wow got an email from UCLA inviting me to an event for all former UCLA basketballers .. too bad I cannot make it, but the sender screwed up and showed all the recipients emails so I was able to connect with a number of old friends from 40 years ago .. also I now have email addresses for people like John Wooden, Gail Goodrich and walt hazzard  ha ha ha .. anyhow Hawaii is still the voggiest place on the planet (I think) last week the sun has rarely shown itself .... but I havewn't had a chance to ponbder this too much as the last mo saw me with a number of visitors but now things are slowing down again .. and looks like a very good friend of mine will have ankle replacement surgery in 2 mos, and I may go tto San Diego to be his nurse for a few months   we will see as the next few weeks go by what my plans will be .. anyhow aside from vog Hawaii is just the bomb ... loving being here although a bit bored ... anyhow off to watch the current lare swell and watch the surfers  aloha Vytas

May 26th  wow a month has gone by again ... I guess there really isn't anything new ... just life in paradise ... time is flying by ... and i, like all of us is getting older .. but hey that is "LIFE" lol ... more later  Vytas

April 27th 09 .. hey I have not posted for a month, and my good friend John reminded me of that earlier today.. and I guess that is because I am just too busy having fun to say anything .. I am paddling with the Keauhou Canoe Club recreational paddlers at 8 AM on Tues, Thurs and Sat  to try to get some endurance and strength for my OC1 canoe, but have found out that for the most part you use different muscles for 6 man and 1 man canoes .. so I am always sore .. almost every muscle in my body is sore on alternate days as I continue to paddle ... I am so pitifullly out of shape that the progress is slow, but I guess I am in no big hurry ... as long as I continue to get a good work  out and wake up every morning, life is good ...... the last few days the vog has been over on Hilo side, so we have had some sunny days and that is wonderful ... the vog is coming back today and overcast follows   SHIT !!!!! Ahhh but still here in paradise ... I had friends visiting from the mainland, and that kept me out of trouble for a week ... OK I guess more later   May is just a few days away

March 17th 09  happy St Patty's day to all .... I am just sitting here blogging as the weather is rainy .. and since I "live" in Hawaii I can wait for nice weather to go to the beaches etc  wo woo ... I got my one man canoe and found out how out of shape I am .. and also that it might not work for a guy might height, but I will do some 6 man paddling to get my strenght and endurance up, and then spend more time on the one man ... it is a beautiful canoe ....   2 weeks ago at the OC1 race at Kawaihae .. the first hours of the morning were windy and damp, but the whales were breaching everywhere you looked .. it was an awesome sight ... the best whale show I have ever seen .... I loved it .... anyhow off to run errands and enjoy LIFE  O'Aloha to the Irish ...woo woo

Feb 23rd 09 ... wow just another day in paradise ... however I feel aa bit guilty complaining about this ( sorry John A) but it has been down right chilly here the past few mornings ... this morning it was 66 degrees F  brrrrrr no wonder the pool water temp has seemed cold .... if you don't feel sorry for me perhaps you would enjoy this video link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK6jJaHf80M  it makes me smile whenever I view it ..... so off to have coffee with my paddler friends ... and I am still awaiting the arrival of my one man canoe ... hope everyone is having a great day/week/month and year ... aloha Vytas

Feb 7 2009 ... wow time must fly when you are having fun .... life has been great on the big rock in the middle of the PACIFIC ... I HAVE A GREA CONDO WITH NICE VIEWS, IN THE SAME COMPLEX I HAVE BEEN IN THE LAST 3 YEARS SO I KNOW PEOPLE HERE .. AND THE OC1 AND OC2 RACING SEASON IS IN FULL SWING .. I LOVE IT !!!!! oops sorry about the caps, but maybe I was shouting in Glee .. lol .. I also have ordered my own OC1 Outrigger canoe which I should have by about Feb 20th or sooo .. I am looking forward to getting it and getting enough activity to lose about 30 lbs .. that would make me very very happy .. that is it  .. just a quick report saying all is wonderful ... I hope all my friends are also having a good 2009 so far  love ya  Vytas

Dec 21st ...Yikes almost a month has flown by here .. I am now setled in a vedry nice condo with a killer view at Aliicove in Kailua Kona HI ... home ... at last .. it has been great getting back to Hawaii and I am thriloled I got a condo in the same complex I have lived in off and on for 3 years now .. I know a few people here so it is fun .. the people at the canoe club are great and the OC1 nad OC@ racers are a great bunch of people too ... ahhhh Hawaii is nice and the vog is still an issue, but not as bad as it was in March thru June .... but still keeping the sun away too often for me, but hey ... how can I comploain .. I know people in Philadelphia who are freezing ho ho ho ... :-)  sorry Ja .. I hope to get to try an OC1 canoe soon and if that works for me I will buy one and paddle often .. as I need a mode of working out that doesn't use my ailing feet .. hope the canoe works for me ... anyhow off to the pool and I'll be gazing at the Ocean looking for whales   later  VJK

Nov 22 '08   I am getting close to my return trip to Kailua Kona .. woo woo the last few weeks I have been consulting for a few hours at myold job to pick up some spending cash .. spent a few days at the Rincon Casino in San Diego .. and then dropped my car off for shipping to Hilo // and will work One hour nex week ... get my final gambling trip in to Laughlin .. driving home Thanksgiving day .. and then off to Hawaiiearly Sunday morning.  Once I get there I will be looking for a place to live .. and this trip it MUST have a view ... so I hope I can find a deal with a view woo woo woo .... I also will find a way to get fit and lose weight .. either a stand up paddle board or an OC1 canoe   i am determined to do this ..... ahhh warm Hawaii in 7 days ... I am jazzed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!over and out for now >>>>>  Vytas

Oct 26th Just hangin' around this Sunday morning ... waiting for NFL games .. the weather in LAA has been soo very warm the last few weks .. Santa Ana conditions brought temps 10 degrees warmer than normal .. also the same conditions have red flag warnings for fire and we have had a few ... I am making plans for my 3rd move to Hawaii in as many years ha ha ha .. have booked the car shipping and the rental cars and I think I have lined up a place to stay .. and the first weekend I am there there is a fun OC1 canoe race at the Harbor where I hope to take pictures .. it will yet to be seen how much my foot ailment will limit my mobility for picture taking   oh well time will tell ... the beaches in Manhattan and Hermosa have been packed with surfers for the last 2 weeks as well .. the Santa Anas also mean off shore winds with glassy surf conditions all day long, and gthere has been a swelll too ... and every day there has been a large pod of big dolphins cruisin' up and down the beach as well as diving pelicans .. must be plenty of food fish out there .. aloha for now  Vytas

Oct 18th ... OK Vegas was a bad idea ... nice diversion, but too many days in a town that now makes it sooo very hard to win .. but had fun spending time with friends I haven't seen in a while .. yes you Russ .. and am curently just chillin' watching some college football and nursing a minor sinus infection ... funny ... since I quit smoking Jan 7th, I thought I was done wioth sinus issues ... but  noooooooo .. hopefully will be OK by tomorrow.. I am also trying to figure out if I should ship my car to Kona again .. or leave it here with friends or sell it ????? time for a nap cu later ........

Oct 9th 08 well I sub-let an apt for the next 2 mos in Playa Del Mar and still plan on returning to Kona Nov 30th .. the weather is awesome santa ana conditions so it is very warm at the beach ... just fininshed 7 days at my old job consulting .. it is nice to pick up a little cash and be reminded how happy I was to leave that mess 2 1/2 years ago .. it is worse then ever .. I feel for the people left there ... off to Las Vegas Sunday for a 4 day trip ... other than that .. nothing going on lol :-)

Sept 17th 2008 .. well nothing huge to report ... I have been contacted by my old emplyer , and may do a week or 2 of consulting .. if for nothing else but to justify writing off a home office off of this years taxes lol :-) ... I treid to use my contacts to get the normal VIP passes to this weekend's Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball tourney, but was told there were 2000 requests for 200 passes oh well I lose .. I still may go up and watch some matches on the outer courts .. after all this is the most important tourney of the year for all of us traditionalists ..I also am trying to still figure out this winters arragements ... still may do Kona ... and the neuropathy of my feet is not responding to Lyrica so ... oh well ... loife goes on ... going to Laughlin again Sept 25th for gaming .. maybe I'll have a good trip aloha alll Love ya all Vytas

Sept 10th 2008 wowo weather in San Diego this time of year is awesome. I like being in this neighborhood next to Del Mar .. surrounded by rich people lol .. maybe I'll find a wife who can take care of me .. rofl .. busy schedule the next few weeks .. the famed Manhattan Beach Open volleyball tourney is 2 weekends away ... then 5 days after that I fly to Laughlin for 3 daqys and yes I know in my previous post I swore I'd never gamble again but ..... no will power here .. I also need to locate a rental to live in Oct and Nov ... the place I am in now is only good til the end of the month .. and I still have a ticket to Kona nov 30th if I decide to use it .. so in the interim I need to find a furnished short term apt .. Then the first weekend of Oct there is the annual Lithuanian Days Festival where I will see old friends and relatives that I only see during this event ... anyhow life is good and just trying to decide where to go Nov 30th .. any suggestions out there ... if so email the webmaster (me) aloha for now :-)

Aug 26 2008 Well here it is ... Aug 26th already .. I have rented a house in the San Diego area .. Del Mar is nearby .. and I will be here thru Sept 30th ... and I will start thinking about where next in the next 2 weeks .. I just returned yesterday from my Doc appt. ... not really good news .. the neuropathy of my feet is aot reversible and I will be handicapped the rest of my days .. so .. lifestyle changes are a fact of life now and will effect where I decide to spend winter .... I also just returned from Laughlin .. and gambling is no longer something I enjoy .. the corporate types have managed to remove any of the entertainment factor of playing video poker that I used to enjoy .. they now have set all the machines to separate you from your money at the fastest rate possible .. no longer can you sit down at a machine and expect it to allow you to play for a while before taking your money ... I must have played 200 machines and only cashed a ticket on 2 lousy machines ...... Harrah's sucks and I will likely never set foot in one of their places again ... they have changed the payout for a full house from 45 or 50 coins in the past to current 30 or 35 coins ..... robbery .. anyhow other than that all is good ... I love life and look forward to making plans for the foreseeable future aloha Vytas

Aug 14th ... life here in Manhattan Beach is good, but I have been staying with friends for a while now and am feeling like fish, ....I have been here too long, but the dr's appointments are spread out, and a place I was to move into in San Diego has had some hitches .. and for a week now I have been waiting for the OK to move in ...I'd be there for 2 months or so aqnd then who knows .. the life of a homeless vagabond ha ha ha .... so not too much to report .... ?I am off to Laughlin for a few days on the 21st to gamble hope I win lol aloha vytas

Aug 2nd 08 ..... Hi all .. it is another great day in Manhattan Beach .. today is the surf festival weekend and I am getting ready to go down and watch the biggest and best 6 person beach volleyball tournament on the planet .. I hope to post some pix later today .... and after I visit there I will continue my search for a place to live for at least the next 4 months ... it is frustrating as I have no idea what I am loking for and rents are sooo very high near the Beach here .... not like the current renters market in Kailua oh well .... boy life is good more later Vytas

July 15th ... as planned I left Hawaii July 2nd and am spending time in Manhattan Beach, San Diego and Reno thru the end of the month. I am also looking for a place to hang my hat for 5 or 6 mos ... have looked in Escondido .. wasn't very happy with the placesw I saw ... will look in point Loma tomorrow and who knows where else??? HAVE HAD FUN BEING BACK IN SOCAL BUT IT HAS BEEN CULTURE SHOCK AFTER ALMOST 9 MOS IN HAWAII .. THERE ARE SOOO MANY PEOPLE HERE AND EVERYONE IS IN A HURRY AND EVERYONE oops caps lock sorry :-( seems to think they are more important then everyone else ........ arg people !!!!!!! and of course since I left KAILUA THE WINDS HAVE CHANGED AND IT HAS BEEN SUNNY ALMOST EVERYDAY ANOTHER ARRRGG .. oops caps loock again .. I need to get used to my new laptop's keyboard sorry .... anyhow I realaly am trying to figure out what to do the next 6 mos and I really hate looking for a place to stay .. but oh well .. such is life .. I hope all my friends are doing great .. and more blogging to come later ... woo wooo vytas

June 27th wow a very subtle shift in the wings, coming a bit from the North and the last 2 days along Alii Dr have been like days of old, nice. The sun is out and out all day. Now maybe 1/2 mile Mauka they are in the vog still, but here along the water's edge w2 glorious days. I know remeber how important it is for me to see the sun woo woow woo woo.

I am getting things packerd and have sent out about 5 flat rate boxes of stuff with the USPS. I have one giant borrowed piece of luggage that I am trying to keep under 50 lbs and will do on line check in exactly 24 hours before the flight and try for either exit row or if not, economy plus for $70 more $$.. being 6'7" tall is a pain on current aircraft... the bastards must assume all people flying are 5'2" tall lol ... that is it for now . Vytas

June 25th .. am packing up slowly for my departure from Kona .. most of my friends are here, but I need to leave for a while and rethink what I want to do in my "older" years .. I have just added a few pictures of Kailua vog, most taken from the old airport looking South ... depressing oh well life goes on see my friends later Vytas

June 14th .. lo and behold a beautiful morning .. the first in 3 1/2 months .. I don't know what is going on with the volcano .. but it is a great morning today .. you can see the mountains and there is a parade on Alii Dr this morning ... ahhhh I have been waiting for this ... sunshine .... you can bet I will be at the pool for a change today .. I also have my bags partially packed already for my trip back to the mainland July 1st ... scheduled return Nov 08 .... everyone have a great day I know I will ALOHA Vytas

June 4th .. well I am reluctant to talk about this as it has the potential to have a negative affect on many people and many of my friends, but the vog issue here is and has been bad .. very bad for the last 3 months or so there has only been a few visible sunsets .. everyday the mountain is obscured by vog .. thick vog and on Alii dr there might be sun and shadows from 9:30 AM til 10:30 AM then it is sooo voggy there are no shadows ... it is depressing .. and with airfares up, cruise ships down by 50%, toourism down, recession etc I worry about the business owners here ... people love Kailua Kona for its kick back aura and the sun .. well the sun is gone ... and for how long ... as I type this I can not see the water a few hundred yards away and I can taste the sulfur dioixide in the air .. not good times for this part of Hawaii right now .. ALOHA Vytas

May 25th .. just turned 60 yesterday .. a quite day, as I don't adverise my Birthday as I so not like attention .. so that worked well ... tonite there is a SoCal Konawebber party .. we started getting together in CA some 5 years ago .. dreaming of moving to Hawaii .. well now there are about a dozen here .... I am getting to be in beter spirits as I heal from the foot thing .. and I am again planning to go to the mainland for a few months .. leaving July 1st .... to get to see a specialist at UCLA and to get away from the vog .. the vog is annoying as afternoons are always gloomy ... anyhow .... I am not sure when I will return, my ticket says Nov, but we'll have to see ... I love the temperatures here, but vog is ... well vog !!!! Making moving arrangements for the 3rd or 4th time in 2 1/2 years is amazing .. retire and spend 8 mos in Hawaii, buy a home inn Texas and try that for 12 months .. sell and slowly get back to Hawaii and now back to the mainland again lol ha ha ha ... we'll I am helping keep Pasha in the money shipping cars back and forth .. that is it for now ... everyone have fun out there ... love and kisses Vytas

May 12th ... I am soo sick of the vog .. we have only short stints of sunlight due to the emmisions of the volcano .. madam Pele flexing her muscles .. and since I need to seek some medical evaluations that cannot be done here (no doctors) I am planning to go tho the mainland maybe July 1st for a number of months and go on from there based on the situation I am in then .. ALOHA all Vytas .......

April 20th 08 .. I am slowly healing from my foot ordeal .. doc says a few more months before the swelling will go away and the feet feel very uncomfortable but no more open wound that only took 3 1/2 months .. life is getting better and Hawaii is wonderful although Pele has been belching tons and tons of stuff into the air and the vog in Kona has been very bad.. have barely seen the sun in the last 3 weeks .. much like June Gloom in Socal .... depressing but at least it is warm every day ... trying to get to the mainland for a quick trip, but with 2 major airlines that serve Hawaii going under prices at least for the short term are too high for me ... that is it for now later dudes and dudettes ...

March 19th ... still under doc's orders to stay off my foot .. but the end is near the wound is very very close to being closed .. just a few more days I hope ... and dang as soon as I can get in the water I need to paddle and work out and spend everyday trying to lose the additional 18 lbs I gained in the last 2 months and another 15 that I planned to lose when I got here lol .. another great day in Kona even though all I have to look forward to today is to get out of the condo at 11:30 for a doc appointment .. ALOHA Vytas

March 5th .. I have a few people I know comment on no new pictures on the site ... well since that foot infection and surgery I am still confined to my condo until the wound closes .. and I am going crazy .. it has been 2 months already aarrgggg !!! I was hoping to be somewhat healed by now, but looks like a week or two more til the wound closes and than 3 or 3 more months before it is really healed ... crap !!!anyhow in a few weeks I hope to be adding some new albums to mauiwow. ALOHA Vytas

OK some time has passed here .. this has NOT been a good year for me .. Jan 2nd I somehow got my foot infected and spent 3 days at home thinking I had the flu since I had 105 fever .. then by day 3 my foot swelled up and I went to the doc and I was immdeiately put in Kona Community Hospital where I spent 15 days ... arrrg !! and in day 3 I had surgery to remove all the tissue that was damaged by the infection and now I am looking at 6 to 8 weeks of condo living watching TV as I must stay off my foot as it heals .. damn it !!!!!Oh well I didn't lose my foot, though I am told it was close .. and so I will resume life somewhere around March 1st I hope .... that is the new news for now ALOHA Vytas Feb 2 08

Entry 1 ... Nov 18, 2007 .. I am almost fully settled into my second condo on my second move to Kailua Kona .. I feel blessed that in retirement I am able to live in Hawaii and make moves like the one I made 16 mos ago ... moving from Kailua Kona to an Austin Texas Suburb ... Pflugerville .. and ironically bought a home on Lava Bed Dr .. well 12 mos in Texas was enough .. err too much for me ... when I got there it was over 105 F 45 days in a row and the lake levels were over a hundred feet below normal ... then in 1 week it went from summer to winter with temps in the 40s and lower ... and I got to experience a Jan ice storm that covered everything in a few inches of solid ice ... so far so bad .. then it rained off and on in Jan and the lakes filled up .. but no enjoying them as it started raining daily in Feb and rained hard virtually everyday .. closing all the rivers and lakes to recreational use due to flooding ... OK enough of that ... Now on the Big Island it is warm and nice everyday ... and I can leave my condo and enjoy the out of doors ... woo woo ... I am tryingto aget enough people at the canoe club to get interested in paddling at 8 AM instead of 6"45 AM .. as I refuse to set an alarm in my retirement to go paddle in the dark lol .. I am thinking about getting a paddle board or OC1 outrigger canoe so I'd be able to paddle when I wanted to ... anyhow enough of today's ramble ...